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  3. The production car - dubbed 911 GT1 Straßenversion - was a run of approximately 20 units which were built in 1997 and featured 996 style front headlights. The majority of the production model was finished in Artic Silver or Fern White, but three cars were finished in unique colours: Polar Silver, Indian Red, and Pastel Yellow
  4. Production numbers: 25 Is it a true Porsche 911? The mid-engined Porsche 911 GT1 was a thoroughbred racer designed to bend the rules and take on the McLaren F1. 25 examples were needed to homologate the race version which would go on to take second place at the 1996 24 Hours of Le Mans
  5. 1998 Porsche 911/996 GT1 Strassenversion: Years Produced: 1996-98: Number Produced: Street cars, 20 with 996-front and two with 993-front with M96/83 engines; six factory and nine customer race cars with M96/80 engines: Original List Price: Approximately $900,000: SCM Valuation: $5.7 million (this car) Tune Up Cost: $5,000: Chassis Number Location
  6. imum of 25 examples per annum. Porsche's interest initially lay with the GT2 class, for which the current 993 model was relatively easily adapted

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  1. In 1995 a number of the GT2 Porsches were modified in an attempt to promote them to the GT1 class with wider wheels and more power, but the gap was too wide to bridge. As a Porsche representative explained to British journalist Michael Cotton it's a GT1.5 or GT1.4 at best
  2. 1997 Porsche 911 GT1 Evolution Chassis#: GT1 993-117 Sold for USD$3,132,360 2016 RM Sotheby's : Monaco : 1997 Porsche 911 GT1 Evolution Chassis#: 993-GT1-004 Sold for USD$1,265,000 2012 Gooding & Company, Amelia Island, F
  3. Improved production Porsche, 15-inch wheels, 1,600 cc engines 356B: 1959-1963: Improved production Porsche, T-5 body 356C: 1963-1964: Improved production Porsche, T-6 body, disc brakes 356 SL: 1951: Racing version of Type 356/2 coupe 358 BMW Motorcycle engine redesign for Abarth: 359 Studies of two-valve steering for Cisitalia 360: 1947-194
  4. 29 / 32. 30 / 32. 31 / 32. 32 / 32. It's one of the incredibly rare 911 GT1 Strassenversion (street versions) that Porsche built in the mid-1990s. If you think it would look more at home in racing decals than numberplates, you'd be right - it's essentially a GT1 sports prototype for the road. Porsche made around 20 GT1 road versions which were all.

The Porsche 911 has continued to drive innovation and stay on the cutting edge and hasn't been afraid to embrace changes once thought sacred. Porsche isn't just about 911s either. Models like the 928, 944 on so on dotted its history. More recently Porsche has grown its model range a lot Porsche upped the ante the following season with the 911 GT1-97 Evolution. The 1996 chassis and body received numerous modifications, but along with engine restrictions imposed by the FIA, Porsche now faced stronger competition. The GT1-97 Evos led at Le Mans before dropping out in the final hours; customer cars finished 5th and 8th More pictures. With 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in 3.70 seconds, a maximum top speed of 193 mph (310 km/h), a curb weight of 2756 lbs (1250 kgs), the 911 GT1 Strassenversion / Street-legal Version has a turbocharged Boxer 6 cylinder engine, Petrol motor. This engine produces a maximum power of 543 PS (536 bhp - 399 kW) at 7000 rpm and a maximum torque of. Porsche. Production Total: 25. Build Start: 1996. Last on sale: 1996. Body Style: Drive System

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  1. 4.8s (manual) 302 km/h (188 mph) 996.2 GT3. 2003-2005. 3,600. 381 PS (280 kW; 376 bhp) 385 N⋅m (284 lbf⋅ft) 1,380 kg (3,042 lb) 2,313
  2. Porsche created 21 GT1 road cars in '97 plus one more for the '98 season, which is quite a lot when you think just how much these would cost to make. Twenty of the '97 cars went to lucky customers, while the silver one here stayed with Porsche
  3. By 1969, Porsche executives made the decision that continuing production of the Porsche 912 would not be viable, due both to internal and external factors. Notable 912 models. 1965 Porsche 912; Porsche 911 - The Early Years (1963 to 1973) Model Years: 1965-1973; Units Produced: 81,100; Learn More: 911 Early Years (1963-1973
  4. 1998 Porsche 911 GT1 LM Strassenversion. Sold for $1,175,000 at 2012 RM Auctions - Monterey. Sold for $5,665,000 at 2017 Gooding & Company : Amelia Island. In the mid-1990s, Porsche began to seriously rethink its future in GT racing. Their most powerful 911s were no match for the F1 GTR in BPR's GT1 class
  5. For the 1996 racing season Porsche had created three 911 GT1 (993) racing cars for the factory team, with chassis numbers 993-GT1-001, 002, 003. Then, for the 1997 season, three 911 GT1 Evo (996) with chassis numbers 993-GT1-004, 005, 006 were built for factory team
  6. Porsche 911 GT1 developpement - YouTube. TYFM0279H TYFM0279H 2021/Dear Road Rivals/Highlander/TSS/NP 15. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin.
  7. Porsche 911 996 productioni numbers for all versions by year. Model No. built 1997 Carrera Coupé:14 1998 Carrera Coupé : 8296 1998 Carrera Cabriolet : 95

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Taking delivery by early-1998, the Strassenversion GT1 was capable of 194 mph and 3.6-second 0-60 mph sprints and retailed for $912,000. Contemporary journalists noted the model's dialed-in performance at speed, with Automobile Magazine's reviewer relishing, The 911 GT1 is a racing car tuned for road use, not vice versa. production numbers. 07 Sep. 930 3.0 v 991: evolution of a species. News | Total 911 Team | 4 comments; We drive two special 911 Turbos at opposite ends of Porsche development. GT1 Motorcars. November 21, 2020 ·. Sold - 1993 Porsche 968 - 28K Miles, 6 Speed Manual! • NA 968 cabriolet 1992-1995 Production sequence number of. 2,008: #971. • NA 968 cabriolet 1993 Production sequence number of 354: #304. 1997 Porsche GT1 Evo specs, 0-60, quarter mile, top speed, engine specifications, pictures, updated February 2021

Porsche 911 GT1 On the road in a car built for endurance racing. It's a road car. Honest. It's got more in common with a Group C 962 than a plain old 911, and it competed at Daytona. Yet this Porsche GT1 is just perfect for a trip to the pub Words John Simister. Photography [ 1999-2000 - Porsche 911 GT3 (Type 996 mk I) So fortunately for the 996 GT3 mk I, it was the an early recipient of this marvellous engine. When it was first introduced it was a puzzle as to what this GT3 really stood for as it did not go through any lightening and chassis rewelding like the previous 964 RS and 993 RS cars Porsche 997 is the internal designation for the Porsche 911 sports car manufactured and sold by German manufacturer Porsche between 2004 and 2012. Production of the Carrera and Carrera S coupés began in early 2004, all-wheel drive Carrera 4 and Carrera 4S began to be delivered to customers in November 2005, the Turbo and GT3 derivatives went on sale in late 2006 and the GT2 in 2007 Porsche 911 GT1 (man. 6 speed) as offered for the year 1998 up to mid-year 1998 in Europe . Production/sales period of cars with this particular specs: March 1997 - mid-year 1998. Modelyears:-Country of origin: D Germany. Make: Porsche. Model: 911 GT1. 1997-1998. Submodel: 911 GT1. 1997-1998. Optional equipment: EEC segmentation: S (sport cars. Porsche 911 GT1/98 Coupé #26, chassis WP0ZZZ9RZXS100003, Le Mans 24H winner 1998. The #26 Porsche GT1/98 has been beautifully restored and was made available to the author in May 2017 on a trip to Stuttgart to photograph no less than eight significant road cars and Le Mans winners

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The 911 GT1 made its debut in 1996 at the Le Mans 24 Hour Race where it finished 2nd and 3rd overall and 1st and 2nd in its class. As the FIA World GT Championship was born in 1997, a new rival was shaping on the horizon: the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR. In response, Porsche came up with an improved version of the 911 GT1, which added the Evolution. Porsche 911 GT1 is similar to these automobiles: Porsche 959, Porsche 917, Porsche 968 and more. Topic. and number eight on Top Sports Cars of All Time list. This made it the third Porsche production road car to exceed the 322 km/h barrier,. Originally custom built as a somewhat cynical work-around of prevailing production car homologation rules, Porsche decided to develop a full- on race car that would first be marketed as a road car rather than vice versa with other GT1 spec race cars such as the McLaren F1 and Ferrari F40. 25 Strassenversion cars were required per FIA homologation rules, though exact production numbers are.

Beneath its predominantly carbon-fibre skin the GT1 incorporated a number of advanced use, and in developing the road version of the 911 GT1 Porsche met the most stringent EU requirements. Indeed, the very first car completed in January 1996 was used for EU compliance testing. There would be no series production of the 911 GT1. Last week Porsche announced that the 911 hit a significant milestone when the one-millionth example rolled off the production line. That's a fairly significant number given how humble the beginnings were for Porsche. Today, the 911 has evolved through seven main generations*: 1963*: The original 911; 1973*: G Series; 1988*: Typ 964 Serie Production numbers were 2,571 for the Targa 4 and 5,888 for the Targa 4S for a total of 8,459, split broadly 60/40 between the 997.1 and 997.2 generations. Shown: 2012 Porsche 911 Targa 4S (Bring a Trailer

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The GT1 Championship Edition was a special package that took its cue from the Corvette C6.R LeMans racer and was available for the Corvette coupe and convertible models as well as on the Z06. The special editions were available in Velocity Yellow or Black, with special VIN sequential numbers for each. Production was limited production edition All Porsche did was to tweak the settings, then we'd discuss strategy for the race. That's it.' If only chassis 05 had lasted for two more hours, it would have proven everything Porsche wanted to in the GT1 category. But, for 1998, Porsche followed Mercedes' lead and built a GT1-racer that bore no resemblance to a roadgoing 911 whatsoever In our opinion on production numbers, ~1500 is the cut-off where we might consider something limited production or not. Cars under this threshold include the Ferrari F40, Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing, or in our case study here, the 997 Porsche GT3 RS. Layered in rich history the RS moniker is reserved for Porsche's best offerings

Vehicle Information: Model : GT-3; Year: 2007; Mileage: 100; What are the approximate number of 2007 GT-3's; how many of those went to the US?Thanks. GT-3 Production numbers | Porsche Club of America Skip to main conten That production number makes the 991 the largest-produced generation of 911 so far. Launched back in 2011, it was something of a risk for Porsche at the time, with nearly 90-percent of its. The original Porsche 911 (pronounced nine eleven, German: Neunelfer) is a luxury sports car made by Porsche AG of Stuttgart, Germany.A prototype of the famous, distinctive, and durable design was shown to the public in autumn 1963. Production began in September 1964 and continued through 1989 White Porsche 996 GT1 Straßenversion in Stuttgart. Exclusive Car Registry. Registering exclusive limited production cars In developing the road version of the GT1, Porsche met the most stringent EU requirements-the first car completed in January 1996 was used for compliance testing. Although there would be no series production of the GT1, the factory did produce a handful of road-going models for select customers

Porsche, in the past, has hinted to both solutions and is actively going hybrid (and who could ignore the Taycan EV), so, all options are probably open. Although the 718 (and let's face it the 911 lines) do not sell as many units as the Macan/Cayenne/Panamera, I think that Porsche will not sell its soul which is a sports car soul Porsche 911 GT1 Daniel Terdiman/CNET This is the Porsche 911 GT1, one of the most famous cars in the company's history. Built in 1997 with a production run of just 20 cars--since that's the. Re: Porsche 911 production numbers I am leasing three cars currently - an Azrea, an Elantra and a VW Tiguan. - no money down leases and in total about $700 per month for all three. These are for my Wife, my 'little' daughter (21) and my foul weather car (Azera)

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The Porsche Carrera GT (also abbreviated as CGT) is a limited production, mid-engined supercar by Porsche. It is the successor to both the Porsche 959 and Porsche 911 GT1 street version (Straßenversion) and the predecessor to the Porsche 918 Spyder. 1 Overview 2 Asphalt 9: Legends 2.1.. This position of the Porsche VIN represents the third factory code mark pattern. The other two are represented by position 7 and 8 of the VIN. Position 13-17 - Serial Number. Position thirteen through seventeen represents the serial number of the Porsche vehicle. This series of numbers are used to identify the exact vehicle in question The Gt1 was born from Porsche's desire to return to top-tier sports car racing, which, by the mid 1990s, had found a real sense of momentum. The BRP Global GT series had been born as replacement for the World Sportscar Championship which had come to an end in 1992, and ran from 1994 through 1996 before being rebranded as the FIA GT Championship

2018 Porsche GT2 RS Production Numbers, Already Sold Out. by Andrew Nabors. June 21, 2017. in 911, News, Porsche News. How many 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS will be made 2010 Porsche 911 Sport Classic. 1987-1988 Porsche 959. 1994 Porsche 964 Turbo Flat-Nose X83. 1993 Porsche 964 Turbo S Leichtbau. 1993 Porsche 968 Turbo S. 1996-1997 Porsche 993 Carrera RS GT2. 1998 Porsche GT1. 1997 Porsche GT1 Strasseversion. 1998 Porsche GT1. 2016 Rimac Concept One. 1985-1995 RMA Amphi-Ranger 2800 SR. 2000 Rover Mini Cooper S.

The 996 iteration of the 911 broke new ground for Porsche; it was a real mass production vehicle. For the first time Porsche shared parts across the range, and it made the 911 a much more profitable prospect. In the early stages of 996 model development a Turbo model was not scheduled. It was thought that they simply didn't need one Porsche 911 GT2 RS: The Numbers Porsche 911 GT2 RS Reaches 221 MPH To Prove It's Brutally Fast According to AutoBild , just 1,000 units of the hardcore Porsche were slated for production - and.

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Carrera GT meet Le Mans ancestors⁠ ⁠ @porsche press⁠ ⁠ Porsche AG 911 GT1-98 #003 (Le Mans winner 1998)⁠ ⁠ Martini Racing Team 917 L #42 (fastest.. In April 2018 a brand new motor racing circuit was opened in the small town of Tailem Bend in South Australia. At 7.7-kilometres, The Bend Motorsport Park is.. Cobalt Blue Porsche 996 GT1 Straßenversion in Edinburgh Base-plate details:- © 1998 1:61 Matchbox Int'l Ltd. Porsche 911 GT1. Made in China. (33550-1510-G1

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Additional details for the Porsche 911 GT1 model car kit: Manufactured by Tamiya in 1/24 scale with reference TAM24186 (also listed as 4950344995233 and 24186). Sponsored by Mobil1. Driven by Thierry Boutsen + Hans-Joachim Stuck + Robert 'Bob' Wollek with numbers 1 25 and 26 Raced at the 24 Hours Le Mans in 1996 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive, 48km. Up for sale a never registered Turbo S exclusive coupe in black A1 on an exclusive package black/golden yellow interior. This is production number 461/500. Options include Burmester high end sound system, Porsche entry and drive, and f.. The Porsche 996 is the internal designation for the 911 model manufactured from 1997 to 2006 It was replaced by the 997 in 2004 but the high performance Turbo S, GT2 and GT3 variants remained in production until 2006. The 996 had little in common with its predecessor, with the first all new chassis platform since the original 911 and a new water-cooled engine

And yet, it is overshadowed by both; heck, even the 959 got more Press, as it was Porsche's futuristic take on the supercar, while the 911 GT1 was a classic take on a familiar recipe With a strong home-field advantage, the Porsche GT2 RS Nurburgring lap time proved it to be the fastest production car. In 2010, the goal was 7:27, and in only 6 years, the new record stands at 6:47.3. If you are looking for the fastest car on the market, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS price starts at $239,200 Car Specs > Porsche > 911 > 911 GT1 > Strassenversion / Street-legal Version. Browse Car Specifications.. Porsche Carrera GT 1997 911 GT1 rear view Regulations for the GT1 category stipulated that to be eligible, a total of 25 cars must be built for road use. Porsche developed two fully road-legal versions, dubbed 911 GT1 Straßenversion, and delivered one in early 1996 to the German government for compliance testing, which it passed Porsche to Restart 911 GT2 RS Production After Cargo Ship Sinks With Cars On Board (UPDATE) The previous-generation 911 GT2 RS went out of production in February—but not for these unlucky owners

Another Porsche to hold the title of fastest street-legal production car in the world at 195mph, the high-tech 959 has been hailed as one of the all-time great supercars Entire production periods - Body. Attachments. 18 | 97. Rear spoiler support for Porsche 996 GT2. part number: 99651291800. Description: Rear spoiler support; for use on Porsche 996 GT2 (2001 to 2005) Stock. available. Price incl. VAT £29.95 To process. Program rozwoju supersamochodu, znany jako kod 80, rozpoczął się po zwycięstwie Porsche 911 GT1 w Le Mans w 1998 roku. Chociaż wyprodukowano limitowaną ilość GT1 przystosowanych do użytku drogowego, potrzebny był samochód bardziej praktyczny Porsche 911 GT1 Evo (Street) Total Production 21 The main goal of More Cars is to connect as many information as possible. The numbers below show you how much information the community already collected for the Car Model Variant Porsche 911 GT1 Evo (Street) (996). 7. Node Overview Porsche 911 GT1 (993) The main goal of More Cars is to connect as many information as possible. The numbers below show you how much information the community already collected for the Car Model Variant Porsche 911 GT1 (993)

1997 was even more competitive with new entries from Mercedes-Benz and Panoz. The 911 GT1 was slightly reworked and dubbed the GT1 Evolution. The car being offered here (chassis #993-GT1-004) was entered with drivers Bob Wolleck, Hans Stuck, and Thierry Bousten. A few hours past halfway, Wolleck spun and crashed and the car was out of the race The Porsche, however, did - taking the top two spots on the podium in 1998. We actually featured a 911 GT1 Evo a few months ago when it came up for sale. But, in order to race these ridiculous GT cars, Porsche was required to build road-going examples, just as Mercedes and McLaren did

1 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Rumored To Get PDK, Debut at Goodwood 2 New Porsche 911 GT3 (992) Spotted on German Autobahn, Gets Closer To Production 3 2020 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Spotted in Traffic. 1997 Porsche 911 GT1 Evolution. SOLD $1,265,000. Estimate. $900,000 - $1,200,000. Chassis. 993-GT1-004. Car Highlights. Retained by Porsche AG for Use in Tire Development Successfully Campaigned in the Canada GT Cup Challenge Presented in Original Mobil 1/Warsteiner Le Mans Liver NOTICE: 928 Owner's Club, the 928oc.org webpages, and 928Registry.org are not affiliated or associated with Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG (PAG), Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) nor any of their subsidiaries or dealers. The word Porsche is a registered trademark and a copyright of PCNA The Carrera RSR Turbo 2.14 represents a turning point in the history of competition Porsches when it introduced the use of turbocharged engines in production-based race cars. Used by the factory for development, this hand-built experimental 911 was campaigned as a Martini & Rossi Porsche Works entry in the 1974 season at Nürburgring, Imola and Zeltweg

930 Production Numbers Hi there, I wondered if anyone knew how many of the original 74 C16/UK 3.0 930 were left? Also, were the annual production figures 22 in '75, 18 in '76, and 34 in '77? I've recently bought a wonderful example from Phil at Tech 9 in Liverpool - TAW 714R - and joined the Club again after an absence of nearly 30 years So when Porsche was looking for an engine to power a new breed of street-legal 911, to be called the GT3, the choice was between using the watercooled engine already in the 996 generation of 911, or adapting the Mezger race engine. And given what we know now, perhaps it's not too surprising Porsche took the latter option Porsche Actually Designed a Road Version of Its Record-Breaking 919 Le Mans Car Porsche Unseen is a collection of Porsche design studies from 2005 to 2019, and includes everything from a. Porsche Production numbers - volume of 356's produced by model and year 1950 to 1965 (Stats based on my research - It's as close as I can get. The evolution of the 356 was constant throughout its production history Additional details for the Porsche 911 GT1 detail up set: Manufactured by Scale Motorsport in 1/24 scale with reference SM8112 (also listed as 0810614008121 and 8112). To be used with Tamiya references TAM24186 and TAM24264. Includes photo-etched parts. Package measures 103 mm x 140 mm x 1 mm (width x depth x height), weighting 15 g.Box barcode 0810614008121 (GTIN/EAN)Featured in newsletters.

Towards the end of the 1996 season, Porsche made revisions to the 911 GT1 in preparation for the 1997 season. The front end of the car was revised including new bodywork which featured headlamps that previewed the all-new generation of the Porsche 911 which would be unveiled in 1997.The revised car was known as the 911 GT1 Evo (or Evolution). As far as performance goes, the car had the same. GT1 MY 1996 2 Produced, and from 1997-98 21 Produced. Afraid I have no info on the 997. My source for these figures is 'Porsche & Ruf Sportscars' by Marc Bongers (formerly Porsche Archivist) - Published by Motor buch Verlag. There were 200 copies printed, and I managed to get one in English. Hope this is of some interest. Mar 1997 Porsche 911 GT1 Evolution Sold For €2,772,000. But we had to wait until 2018 so see the price skyrocket when chassis number 9, with just 1,500km from new, went for $4,515,000, perfectly in line with its estimate of $4.25-5,250,000. Porsche sales are, inexplicably, much rarer A very special Porsche was sold at this year's RM Sotheby's Monaco auction. This Porsche 911 GT1 Evo Le Mans race car converted for street use was sold for approximately $3.14 million at its first public appearance. The GT1 was Porsche's entry into the Le Mans 24 Hours race back in the days of the legendary [

Porsche also made smaller numbers of the even more extreme GTS and GTR models. Porsche GT1 (1996) The GT1 was The Carrera GT had a convoluted route to becoming a production reality 911UK.com - UK Porsche 911 Resource Site & forum, Porsche Specialist, Insurance, parts, sales 911uk.com - Porsche Forum : View topic - 991.1 GTS UK production numbers Username

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  1. 1998 Porsche 911 GT1: The 911 GT1 is a passenger car from Porsche, with rear wheel drive, a rear positioned engine and a 2 door coupé body style. Power is produced by a double overhead camshaft, 3.2 litre turbocharged dry-sumped 6 cylinder powerplant, with 4 valves per cylinder that develops power and torque figures of 536.5 bhp (544 PS/400 kW) at 7200 rpm and 600 N·m (443 lb·ft/61.2 kgm.
  2. 1 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo Prototype Shows Production Design, why do go-fast numbers keep growing as the number on the badge gets Returning to the concept of a 992 Porsche 911 GT1,.
  3. Slipping through the gears now, at number five on the list is the Porsche 911 GT3. Possessing a top speed of 194 mph and a capacity to move from 0-60 in four seconds, the GT3 has been in production since 1999 and has spawned a number of variations
  4. 1996 Porsche 911 GT1 Just nine months lay between the decision to build a near-standard yet competitive racing vehicle for the Le Mans GT1 class and the pre-qualification for the race, which the two new 911 GT1s with Thierry Boutsen, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Bob Wollek, as well as Yannick Dalmas, Scott Goodyear and Karl Wendlinger manage without a problem
  5. Street-legal Porsche 911 GT1 Evo racer sells for $3.14 million Viknesh Vijayenthiran May 16, 2016 Comment Now! One lucky enthusiast now has a very special Porsche among his or her collection

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Production period 1982 - 1985. Wheels / Brakes. List view | Product view | For approved wheel/tyre combinations, please check your vehicle identification number against the relevant Porsche approval lists. £830.11 Alloy wheel 7 J x 15, H2, ET 23.3 for Porsche 911 SC and 944. Alloy wheel, die-cast, 7 J x 15, H2, ET 23.3. Porsche 911 Model Production Numbers (1965-2012) Home < Porsche < Porsche Cars < History < Porsche < Porsche Cars < Histor

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They seem like they won the 65th version of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The modelcars with the starting numbers 25 and 26! Autoart has put real winners on the wheels with the miniatures of the Porsche 911 GT1, which offer the collectors a first-class insight into the technology of the prototypes used by the Porsche AG in Le Mans in 1997 Porsche is planning a Bugatti Veyron killer called the Porsche GT1. The announcement of the new GT1 comes shortly after Porsche announced the end of production for the Porsche Carrera GT Hemmings' selection of old Porsches for sale represents seven decades of cars stretching from the 356 to the 993 to the Cayman. Early air-cooled cars have surg

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This is not one of Porsche's Strabenversions (street versions), this is a full gamut race variant, and someone's slapped a number plate on its rear to make it the only street-registered ex-race GT1 Evo in the world. With its race specification comes over 447kW from its 3.2-litre twin turbo six and 100kg less weight than a street GT1 The Porsche will take only one year, argued Barth when asked about the 911 GT1's eligibility in the series, the German obviously siding with Porsche at every corner although he was also one of. Porsche 996, som presenterades 1997, var en helt ny bil som inte hade mer än modellnamnet 911 på motorluckan gemensam med företrädaren. Karossen var större och erbjöd bättre passagerarutrymme än tidigare modeller. Detta fick inbitna 911-entusiaster att klaga på att den nya bilen var mer av bekväm gran turismo-vagn än renodlad sportbil GT Racing is your supplier of light weight fiberglass composite Porsche body panels and high performace race headers and exhaust systems for Porsche 911, 914, 944, 968, 951, 993, 996, 997 and more | GT Racin

Porsche people love to create a pecking order for the 911. For a long time, it was the 2.7-liter impact-bumper cars that took the beating. Then it was the 964. 964 owners were eventually able to give thanks for the 996, which displaced their car as the $1,000 Jeopardy answer in the category of least-favored-911s Note: Prices and availability are indications only. Also check if the product actually matches! In-box reviews . External reviews. We don't know about any in-box reviews for this Porsche 911 GT 1 Transkit Le Mans 1996 (#TK24/3) from Renaissance Porsche 911 GT3 Production Build Numbers The Porsche 911 GT3 is one of the most amazing cars to ever be built and the best thing of all is that they are rare due to low production build numbers. Car Years of Engine Power Torque DIN Kerb Weight Units Built 0-62 mph Top speed Production Displ. (cm³) (0-100 km/h Mar 4, 2020 - Explore Koka Hart's board PORSCHE GT1, followed by 168 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about porsche, porsche 911, porsche cars

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In honor of Hans Mezger's life, we're republishing our June 2011 first drive of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0—the model that bid adieu to the famed Mezger engine in Porsche's road-going cars 2001 Porsche Turbo specs The legendary 911 Turbo appeared in 1974 and went into production in 1975. The 3 liter engine produced 260 bhp giving 153 mph top speed and 0 to 60 mph in just 6.4 seconds. 1978 sore the engine size rise to 3.3 liters producing 300 bhp, 160 mph top speed and 0 to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds Which is your favourite popular Porsche 911? Join the debate in the comments below or head to our Facebook and Twitter pages now. *Production numbers include Coupe, Cabriolet and Targa figures. The 991 has not been counted as it is still in production Porsche 911 GT1 (nearest) and Porsche Carrera GT (furthest) Porsche 356 America Roadster Museum, Stuttgart, Germany, Porsche Museum, Nikon, D90, 356, America, Roadster, musée porsche, museo porsche. Porsche Carrera GT (production number 0001) Museum, Stuttgart, Germany, Porsche Museum, Nikon, D90, musée porsche,.

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