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  1. 6. Tennessee orange-sweet tea cocktail. Just imagine sitting on a porch swing sipping this tasty orange-sweet tea cocktail. 7. Raspberry-sweet tea cocktail
  2. Use a In glass for Tennessee Tea drink recipe. Combine all ingredients and poor over ice in a mason jar. Serve in Mason Jar
  3. To make this recipe, you'll need: Fireball whisky. Orange juice (freshly squeezed is recommended) Sweet tea. This cocktail is served ice cold and is naturally sweetened with freshly squeezed orange juice. With a kick of cinnamon, this cold cocktail is perfect for summer and fall
  4. to make a tennessee iced tea use whiskey - tennessee whiskey, rum - white (charcoal-filtered) 1-3 year old light, vodka, triple sec (e.g. cointreau), lemon juic

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  1. How to make: SHAKE first six ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass. TOP with cola and serve with straws. 1 fl oz. Tennesse whiskey. 1/2 fl oz. Bacardi Carta Blanca light rum. 1/2 fl oz. Ketel One Vodka
  2. t tea, you can easily put a cooling spin on a bourbon-spiked sweet tea. Once the tea brewed and chilled, the cocktail is as simple as a shot of bourbon and a little extra lemon
  3. Ingredients: 1/2 Cup Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey 1 Bottle Malbec Wine (Any Full Bodied Wine) 1/2 Cup Pure Apple Juice 1/2 Orange, Sliced 1 Plum, Sliced 1/2 Pear, Sliced 1 Cinnamon Stick (Optional

Sweet Tea Bourbon Cocktail with fresh mint and orange. Print this Recipe! 6 cups water. 4 or 5 black tea bags. 1/4 cup agave syrup (honey will do too) 1/4 to 1/2 cup bourbon (depending on how strong you want your cocktail) 4 to 6 sliced orange rounds. 6 sprigs fresh mint. lots of ice. Bring water to a boil. Turn off water and add black tea bags Ingredients 2 fluid ounces whiskey (such as Jack Daniel's®), or to taste 1 fluid ounce triple sec 1 fluid ounce sweet and sour mix 1 fluid ounce cola, or to tast Feb 2, 2014 - INGREDIENTS: 2 ounces Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey2 ounces fresh lemon juice1 tablespoon honey4 ounces Coke (I personally like Diet Rite Zero)For Full Details, Please Click Image Or Title. | Last Cal

Sweet Tea Old Fashioned Cocktail: An Old Fashioned Cocktail, with a twist!This classic cocktail has been given a swanky southern makeover with the addition of sweet tea. Friends, you are in for a treat, because my hubby Lieutenant Dan, is sharing one of his locally famous cocktails today. Lt Dan: My great grandmother is the person who taught me to drink The Lynchburg lemonade is named after Lynchburg, Tennessee, hometown of the Jack Daniel's Distillery. It is one of the most popular mixed drinks and the Tennessee whiskey's signature cocktail. While the official recipe is a little more complicated than mixing whiskey and lemonade, it's still very easy and perfect for a lazy summer afternoon or a backyard barbecue Cover and let the tea steep at room temperature for 8 to 12 hours. Remove the tea bags with a slotted spoon. Add the bourbon and simple syrup to the pitcher and stir to combine. For each drink, fill a tall Collins glass with ice and pour in 1/2 cup of the cocktail

Made from 100% natural sweet tea. 10% alcohol by volume. Contains no artificial flavors or colors. Less than 6 grams of sugar per serving. Classified as a wine, but contains no grapes. Serve chilled, over ice, in a can, or in a cocktail. Now available in 750 mL bottles and 8oz cans. Fix this summery cocktail from Please Don't Tell (aka PDT) in New York City and then find a nearby porch to sip it on. Get our best cocktail recipes, tips, and more when you sign up for our newsletter. Southerners have long been known for their infatuation with sweet tea, but in Tennessee, fruit tea is a regional specialty. Typically made with sweet tea, orange and pineapple juices, and limeade or lemonade, fruit tea is served at restaurants and in home kitchens throughout the state, though we've found it to be most commonly known - and loved - in Middle Tennessee learn how to make a sweet tea smash. jack daniel distillery lynchburg, tennessee. jack, jack daniel's, old no. 7, jd, gentleman jack, jack honey, jack fire, and country cocktails Deselect All. 24 ounces brewed orange pekoe tea, chilled. 6 ounces bourbon 4 ounces Clover Honey Syrup, recipe follows. 4 ounces fresh orange juice plus orange peels, for garnis

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Sweet tea is normally made in batches rather than in individual servings, and this recipe is no different. The process is straightforward, and you can make it a day or two in advance—though it's important to keep it refrigerated Discover Our Best Selling Teas -Black, Herbal, Green, White, Oolong, Matcha & More. We Offer A Wide Variety of Tea Collections - Sachets, Bags, Capsules or Loos While the syrup is cooling make a strong tea. In a pitcher, steep 2 tea bags in 2 cups boiling water for 10 minutes.* Remove and discard tea bags. Add the chilled fruit juices and the vodka to a large punch bowl. Add tea and chilled citrus syrup to taste, ½ to 1 cup. Garnish with orange wedges. Chill and serve over ice

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  1. Honey & Orange Sweet Tea, makes one large pitcher. 64 ounces water (or about 2/3 full in a large pitcher) 1 cup sugar 2 tablespoons honey 2 cold brew tea bags (I used Lipton) 1 orange. In the pitcher stir together the water, sugar and honey until dissolved
  2. Tennessee Titans: Lynchburg Lemonade - Tennessee whiskey, sweet & sour mix, orange liqueur and lemon-lime soda makes a southern sip worth suing the distillery over. Tennessee Tea - same as above, just substitute cola for lemon-lime soda. AFC West. Denver Broncos
  3. Tennessee Iced Tea. Whiskey and cola with extra interest courtesy of several other spirits and lemon juice. Tennessee Rush. This ruby red cocktail is long, fruity, refreshing and not too sweet. Velvet Elvis. The merest bit on the sweet side, fruity with a hint of whiskey. Tolleytown Punch

Place the orange juice, brandy, allspice berries, and one cinnamon stick, broken into pieces, into a cocktail shaker. Seal the lid onto the cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for 45-60 seconds (the longer you shake, the more spiced it will get). Strain the brandy mixture (leave the allspice berries and cinnamon stick behind) into a double old. 8 Tea-Based Cocktails. Laura Sant. There's nothing we like better than a cuppa—except, perhaps, a tea-based cocktail. From a chai-spiced bourbon toddy to chilled orange pekoe spiked with rum. Ingredients: 1 1/2 oz. Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka 1/4 oz. Peach schnapps 1 oz. Lemon juice Spoon of peach jam or preserves 2 Dashes of peach bitters Club soda, to top Lemon wheel, to garnis

Make the perfect Kentucky Sweet Tea cocktail recipe with bourbon to cool off on a hot summer day. Try it today The Melon Ball is the epitome of light, sweet and easy. A product of the 1980s sweet cocktail movement, it's a tastebuds-tingling combination of sweet Midori, orange juice and vodka —basically a liquid Jolly Rancher. It's not too strong, so go ahead and slurp away Passion Fruit Green Tea Whiskey. Lady & Pups. Give your tea cocktail a tropical twist by mixing in a bit of passion fruit. Recipe: Lady & Pups. Heather Christo. This ruby red concoction of fruit juice, bubbly, and black tea simple syrup would make a festive holiday cocktail Instructions Fill a glass with ice. Add the Tennessee Honey and lime juice and stir. Top with ginger beer, garnish with a lime wedge, and serve Cocktails; Jim Beam® Kentucky Sweet Tea Jim Beam® Kentucky Sweet Tea. Ingredients: 1 part DeKuyper® Peachtree® Schnapps Liqueur. 2 parts Jim Beam® Bourbon. 3 parts Sweet Tea. Lemon Wedge. Preparation: Build over ice in a tall highball glass. Garnish with a lemon wedge. Made with.

Welcome to Southern Comfort - The smooth-drinking whiskey created by M.W. Heron in 1874 and born in New Orleans, where there's a party on every street and the good times never stop Ginger Buck. Maker's Mark ® Paper Plane. Basil Hayden's ® Golden Hour. Maker's Mark ® Merry Berry Buck. Baker's ® Midnight Manhattan. Legent ® Blossom Old Fashioned. Basil Hayden's ® Boulevardier. Bourbon Cider Sour. Firefly Fly Trap (Cocktail) Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, Gran Gala, Sour Mix, Sprite Firefly Fuzzy Fly (Cocktail) Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, Orange Juice, Peach Schnapps Firefly Ginger Glow (Cocktail) Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, Ginger Ale Firefly Honey-Lemon Tea (Hot Drink) Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, Honey, Lemon Juic

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  1. 2 oz Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey. 1 tsp vanilla. 11 oz Coca-Cola. 6. Black Tooth. This tall cocktail actually comes with Dr. Pepper, so your dental health is assured. Besides, there won't be any blackness to your sweet evening, except the liquid in your glass. What you need. 4 oz Jack Daniel's
  2. DISARONNO with tequila blanco, tropical guava juice and a generous squeeze of lime. Just add a sunset. ¾ part DISARONNO. 1¼ parts Tequila blanco. 1¼ parts Guava juice. ½ part Lime juice. Method. Shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with lime slice
  3. Take your cocktail to the next level with the classic taste of old-fashioned small batch tonic and other Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. bar mixers. Case of Sweet Tea Syrup. Case of Sweet Tea Syrup $180.00 Margarita Mix (2-Pack or 12-Pack) Margarita Mix (2-Pack or 12-Pack) From $20.
  4. t leaves, dark brown sugar, sweet tea, peaches and 1 more. Sweet Tea Peach Popsicles ~Guest Post~ Mrs. Happy Homemaker. peaches, lemon, bourbon, water, powdered sugar, granulated sugar and 1 more
  5. Sweet tea is a staple here in the South, and it's no secret that my go-to fave is from a locally founded company, Red Diamond.Made simply with tea leaves, water, and sugar, Red Diamond Sweet Tea is free of preservatives and concentrates and has that perfect classic flavor that every glass of good Southern sweet tea should

The more fresh fruit you add to the final cocktail, the better because you can casually snack on it as you drink. Why bother with all the corn meal, malted barley, corn whiskey, bread yeast, and malted grain mess when you can just whip up a simple syrup for infusing? Find the full recipe here. 14. Sweet Tea Moonshine Recip Discover cocktails made with cinnamon orange tea-infused Martini & Rossi Sweet Vermouth. Cocktail Love. Recipes Sign Up Log In cinnamon orange tea-infused Martini & Rossi Sweet Vermouth Ingredients 3 tbsp Market Spice Cinnamon-Orange Tea 750 mL Martini & Rossi Rosso. Sweet tea vodka, 2 fl. oz. Orange juice, 2 fl. oz. Peach, ½; Mint sprigs, garnish; Ice cubes; Directions. Fill a Pilsner or highball glass with ice. In a cocktail shaker, muddle peach with orange juice. Add the mixture into the glass along with the sweet tea vodka. Give it a good stir, and garnish with mint sprigs before serving. Long Island Styl

In a cocktail shaker, combine all the ingredients. Top with ice, shake vigorously then strain into an iced plastic cup. Garnish with lime wedge. 5. Sweet Tennessee Highball. Enjoy your classic highball with a sweet southern twist. The sweetness of the whiskey is amplified by the extra dash of honey and complimented with the tartness of fresh. So, in celebration of this country's patriotism (toward alcohol), we have rounded up the signature cocktails for every state including Washington DC. We based this list on popularity, relevance and origin of each cocktail. Grab a drink - preferably one with high alcohol content - and see which cocktail best represents your home state Method. Shake 1oz of Empress 1908 Gin, the lemon juice and honey syrup on ice. Strain into a copa glass on fresh ice. Add 2oz of grapefruit soda and layer the remaining 1oz of Empress 1908 Gin on top. Garnish with a lemon wheel Try our Double Black Diamond - the Signature Martini at Firebirds Wood Fired Grill - or one of our seasonal craft cocktails! View the cocktails menu

Horse Piss (Cocktail) 7-Up, Rye Whiskey, Sweet and Sour Mix Hunter (Cocktail) Cherry Brandy, Rye Whiskey Ink Street (Cocktail) Lemon Juice, Orange Juice, Rye Whiskey Irish Cream (Punch) Chocolate Syrup, Coconut Cream, Eggs, Heavy Cream, Milk, Rye Whiskey, Sweetened Condensed Milk Kevin's Special Blend (Cocktail) Iced Tea Mix, Rye Whiskey, Wate Download this Premium Photo about Glasses with fresh homemade orange sweet iced tea or cocktail, lemonade with thyme. refreshing cold drink. summer party., and discover more than 8 Million Professional Stock Photos on Freepi Our Take On The Man O' War Cocktail. To make the classic Man O'War cocktail recipe, Bourbon, sweet vermouth, orange liqueur, and lemon are shaken together then strained and served straight up in a cocktail glass. It's a fabulous drink when made that way, but we have made a slight tweak over the year bourbon whiskey, peach, peach slices, simple syrup, peach vodka and 2 more. Peach Cobbler Cocktail Drizly. bitters, frozen peaches, crushed ice, lemon wedge, peach nectar and 2 more. Hound Dog Cocktail Bon Appétit. ginger, peach, fresh lemon juice, mint sprigs, sugar, peaches and 1 more. Typhoid Mary Cocktail Abarabove The party doesn't end here! Join our mailing list for special offers and event updates

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  1. Balsamic vinegar might sound like an odd cocktail ingredient, but it pairs wonderfully with whiskey. For this drink, we reduce it into a thick, tangy syrup, then shake it with rye, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Don't feel the need to break out the fancy balsamic here—a decent under-$10 bottle works just fine
  2. I used black tea for this spiked iced tea, specifically orange pekoe. Black tea stands up well to the rum in this cocktail. I brewed the tea to be quite strong and with the rum, lemon, and brown sugar, it's delicious, and the tea flavour is not overpowered, but instead, complimented perfectly by the rum and lemon
  3. A type of orange, bergamot adds a slight citric quality to the tea. And while it would go wonderfully with rum, like its other black tea counterparts, bourbon also makes a convincing case
  4. Photo about Glasses with fresh homemade orange sweet iced tea or cocktail, lemonade with thyme. Refreshing cold drink. Summer party or picnic. Image of fruit, juicy, liquid - 18877997
  5. utes, depending on how strong you want your tea
  6. Cocktails are a staple at any great Super Bowl party. Learn how to mix up margaritas, big-batch drinks, beer cocktails and more with these fan-favorite recipes

Stone Fence. If you can pour and you can stir, you are set to make this simple cocktail, which dates all the way back to the colonial era. The easiest version is just hard cider and good rum, though you can also get fancy, doctoring up the cider with a mix of rum, apple brandy, and applejack In a large saucepan, bring 4 cups water to a boil. Remove from the heat; add tea bags. Cover and steep for 3-5 minutes. Discard tea bags. Stir in the sugar, concentrates and remaining water. Add tequila if desired Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey is a great addition to many cocktails. It's also delicious straight up or on the rocks. Whether you're looking for a classic Jack Daniels drink or you'd like to try something original (or even mix up your own version of a Jack Daniels cocktail), it's a delicious spirit to give your drinks a little kick Brunch cocktails are welcome on just about any Mother's Day, but after more than a month of coronavirus lockdowns, moms everywhere are ready for a refreshing cocktail (or two). From lightened-up margaritas made with lime LaCroix to screwdrivers and raspberry Bellinis, these tantalizing cocktails are sure to please the mamas in your life

Absolut 100, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, Orange. Ice Cubes. 1⅓ Parts Absolut 100. ⅔ Part Campari. ⅔ Part Sweet Vermouth. 1 Twist Orange. How to mix. Infuse the Absolut 100 in coffee. Fill a rocks glass with ice cubes and add all the ingredients Whiskey is the king of classic cocktails, so we love ourselves a good Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or Julep. But we're not afraid to mix it up either. These 22 cocktail recipes know what we're.

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Shop Cookware You'll Love! Up To 70% Off Top Brands & Styles. Find all things home, all in one place. Shop now for items you want at prices you'll love Blueberry Tea 2. Boston Ice Tea 3. Buttercream Tea 4. Canadian Sweet Tea 5. Carolina Iced Tea 6. Channel Island Iced Tea 7. Colonel Dan's Ice Tea 8. Dixieland Tea 9. Electric Long Island Iced Tea 10. Elf Tea 11. Georgia Peach Iced Tea 12. Long Island Iced Tea - Premium 13. Long Island Raspberry Iced Tea 14. Mid-Summer Tea 15. Peach Tea Cooler. A delicious combination of homemade lemonade, fresh-brewed sweet tea, and your favorite vodka, the John Daly Cocktail is light and refreshing This post and recipe card were updated June 6, 2019 One of the first things I learned when I moved to Oklahoma is that sweet tea is basically its own religion in the South This iced cocktail features the best of two classic Southern drinks: the mint julep and sweet tea. For best results, sip in a rocking chair on a front porch somewhere. 53 of 6

Serve on the rocks, garnished with an orange peel. The New York, NY. This riff on the Last Word cocktail is tart, sweet, herbaceous, smoky, and wonderfully 1/4 teaspoon Matcha Tea Powder Purchase Chris Stapleton's latest music: http://umgn.us/chrisstapletonpurchaseStream the latest from Chris Stapleton: http://umgn.us/chrisstapletonstreamSign.. The Ingredients 1.5oz Uncle Nearest 1856 .5oz Fresh Lemon Juice .5oz Za'atar Honey Simple (1:1) 1.25oz Infused Sake (Pineapple, Ginger, and Turmeric) Soda Water Peychaud's Bitters Pineapple Wedge Dried Dil

Prepare chilled tea in advance as instructed on the back of the pack and leave to chill in fridge for several hours. Fill a large jug with a scoop of ice cubes. Pour in chilled Wedgwood Strawberry and Cucumber tea, Pimm's, gin and lemonade, stir well. Add the lemon, mint, cucumber and strawberries to garnish, and serve The following 258 cocktails are the preeminent and best-known of the 5,000+ cocktails on Difford's Guide and, subject to ingredients, these are all cocktails 20 best Amaretto cocktails The bittersweet almond and vanilla flavour of amaretto mixes brilliantly with dark spirits - particularly whiskey but this versatile liqueur also mixe Sweet, spicy and right to the point! Angry Orchard created a seasonal cocktail with a simple ingredient list that really accents the flavors of the cider and complements its crisp apple notes.. Ingredients. 4 ounces Angry Orchard Crisp Apple; 1 ounce aged rum; 0.5 ounce Monin Pumpkin Spice Syru

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Cocktails, the libationary art! r/ cocktails. Join. Posts Wiki old.reddit. Hot. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Rising. card. card classic compact. 162. Posted by 3 hours ago. Made my own bitter orange chocolate liqueur as part of a class project. 162. 12 comments. share. save. 89. Posted by 2 hours ago. Just Got New Bottles, So I. Those who like their tea to be sweeter, can simply add more sweeter. Aside from drinking it simply because it's a delicious, refreshing, healthful addition to my day, I've come to realize how amazing it is as a cocktail ingredient. Great cocktails are often a balance of sweet, sour, bitter, and sometimes salty and savory

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A cocktail is a mixed drink typically made with a distilled liquor (such as arrack, brandy, cachaça, gin, rum, tequila, vodka, or whiskey) as its base ingredient that is then mixed with other ingredients or garnishments.Sweetened liqueurs, wine, or beer may also serve as the base or be added.If beer is one of the ingredients, the drink is called a beer cocktail One of the web's largest collections of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey shot drinks, with a list of the most popular drink recipes in this section 2 ½ oz. Sweet & Sour Mix 1 oz. Lime Juice In a cocktail shaker fill halfway with ice. Add all ingredients with the exception of Licor 43. Lime the rim of the glass, dip into coarse Kosher or Sea Salt. Ice glass, strain mixture. Garnish with lime wedge, top with Liquor 43 and serve. For frozen cocktail just add ice to blender. Robert J.

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Discover Hennessy's wide variety of original cocktail recipes for cognac lovers: drinks for special moments, different seasons and occasions We've collected some of Fred's greatest bourbon whiskey cocktail drink recipes featuring our #1 bourbon The Melon Ball is lighthearted, fun and embodies the sweet cocktail movement of the 1990s. Plus, its neon green color makes it one of the most brightly eye-catching drinks you can order. Melon-flavored Midori, vodka, and fresh-squeezed orange juice are all you need for the perfect summer drink (or the perfect winter drink that'll make you feel like it's summer) Sweet or unsweet, this is one Captain cocktail that won't be beat. What you'll need. For one serving. 1.5 oz Captain Morgan OSR; 3 oz Iced Tea; Lemon garnis

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Cheers to the Host blends easy and unforgettable cocktails with all the inspiration you need to host the perfect gathering. Be our guest and we'll stock your bar with entertaining ideas for the next time you host Bourbon recipes from Knob Creek® include bourbon mixed drinks, rye whiskey cocktails and specialty food recipe ideas. We take bourbon seriously

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Betty Breeze Deep Eddy Peach Tea. Marfa Lights. Skinny Screwdriver. South Congress Buck. Vodka Tonic. Blueberry Ginger Mule. Deep Eddy Southside. Vodka Soda Deep Eddy Gimlet. Peach Bellini. Ruby Paloma. Spiked Mimosa. Austin Mule. Classic Bloody Mary. The Skinny Dip. Sea Breeze. Please Day Drink Responsibly. Home Vodkas Cocktails Deep Eddy. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice then add the rums. Scoop the flesh and seeds from the passion fruit and add to the shaker along with the orange and lemon juices, sugar syrup and grenadine Another classic cocktail, the Gin Gimlet is super refreshing and takes only 5 minutes to whip up! It's the perfect balance of sweet and tart with the botanical flavor of gin. A gin gimlet is a classic cocktail made of lime juice, gin and simple syrup. It's sometimes served with a splash of soda water

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I absolutely adore blood orange juice, it adds a unique citrus flavor and gorgeous color to cocktails and sauces. I found mine at Whole Foods; your local farmer's market may also stock them. Here, my friend Ashley and I infused simple syrup with fresh rosemary for a sweet and herby flavor ( click here to learn how ) 3 ounces brewed tea, cooled ; Ice ; Ginger beer ; Lime wedge for garnish ; Instructions. In a cocktail shaker, combine the lime juice, amaretto, rum, and tea. Add the ice and shake to chill. Strain into a collins glass filled with ice. Top with the ginger beer and stir. Garnish with a lime wedge Some of the best bourbon cocktails are simple: just whiskey, sugar, and bitters, for example.But that's not all bourbon can do. These cocktail recipes show how great this go-to spirit can be.


Sweet Tea Brined Pork Chops with Grilled Peaches. Green Tea & Rosé Cocktail. Tea-Brined St. Louis Ribs. Green Tea, Cucumber & Mint Gin Spritz. Swamp Water. Summertime Citrus Iced Tea. Lemon-Raspberry Infused Iced Green Tea. Southern Style Sweet Tea. Orange-Cranberry Sweet Iced Tea Cocktail 1 tea bag 2 oz bourbon 1 tbsp Pour cocktail, squeeze lemon zest over cocktail, discard the lemon, and garnish with maraschino cherry .75 oz Carpano Antica Formula sweet vermouth Orange peel 5. Blended Alcoholic Punch Fruity Cocktail. In a cocktail shaker, shake 1½ oz of Jameson Gold Reserve whiskey, ½ oz of each of strawberry crush, pineapple juice, along with a dash or two of orange bitters. Strain over ice in pre-frozen glasses. Serve with lemon and strawberry slices I like to use a ratio that's about 2/3 unsweetened tea to 1/3 sweet tea, but you can play around with the ratios to get it exactly how YOU like it. It tastes great, and you don't need to worry about any undissolved sugar issues! When you're in the mood for a cocktail, simply add a splash of peach flavored vodka to your tea Though it emanates an effervescent glow, a French 75 is more potent than a cannon blast, courtesy of gin and champagne combined. And wouldn't you know it, that's what it was named for

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Discover the best cocktails and drink recipes from our collection of over 5,000 popular, classic and exotic cocktails in addition to tips for better mixing the perfect cocktail This Tennessee whiskey has subtle notes of spice and caramel with sweet aromatics, lending a one-of-a-kind flavor in the process. The liquor takes on a toffee color when poured in a glass. On the nose, it offers a sweet cinnamon flavor with traces of honey, black tea, and butter Blackberry sweet tea, raspberry sweet tea, watermelon sweet teayou naaaame it and I'm gonna claim it! I made this fresh peach sweet iced tea last year so it was only fitting that I show you guys how I make my fresh strawberry sweet iced tea. I mean dang y'all, it's freaking April!!! Photo about Glasses with fresh homemade orange sweet iced tea or cocktail, lemonade with thyme. Refreshing cold drink. Summer party or picnic. Image of fresh, food, lemonade - 18423594 Malibu sunset drink has earned its place as one of our favorite summer cocktails. Picture me basking in my sunny hammock with this easy mixed drink in my hand. I hold that vision in my head all year. I hate winter. Drink it alone, with your chill mate, or make it for a large group event. Sweet cocktails are popular cocktail recipes

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