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flock (även: bevy, covey, herd, pack, pride, team, troop) volume_up. flock {utr.} more_vert. open_in_new Länk till OpenSubtitles. warning Anmäl ett fel. A gaggle, a swarm...... a flock of freaking Freuds! expand_more En skock, en svärm... en hel flock av Freud-gubbar! more_vert noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (group of birds) flock s. (flygande) streck s. A flock of birds landed in the trees. flock n. noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. figurative (church: congregation

Translation for 'flock' in the free Swedish-English dictionary and many other English translations Many translated example sentences containing flock - English-Swedish dictionary and search engine for English translations Kontrollera 'flock' översättningar till engelska. Titta igenom exempel på flock översättning i meningar, lyssna på uttal och lära dig grammatik

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Flock Depot GmbH: Your Reliable Supplier For High Grade Flock. Proven Service by an experienced team: The Flock Depot GmbH was founded in 2011 by Andreas Frohler. As a former part of SwissFlock AG, we can count on an established and motivated team. Benefit from our years of experience and a professional approach What is Flock? Flock organizes all your team's conversations, apps, and tools in one place, so you can focus on the things that matter - getting work done faster. Flock helps you communicate easily with teammates anywhere and stay in sync with your team with mobile apps and activity notifications

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to flock in: in Scharen hereinströmen: to flock to sb. jdm. zuströmen: to flock to sb. in Scharen zu jdm. kommen: to flock together: sich rotten [veraltet] to flock together [gang up, form a mob] sich zusammenrotten: 2 Wörter: Substantive: cotton flock: Baumwollflocke {f} flock print: Flockdruck {m} constr. flock wallpaper: Velourtapete {f} agr. zool. sheep flock: Schafherde {f} 3 Wörter: Substantiv Flock, the best team communication app and online collaboration platform, comes with team messaging, project management and other great features that improve productivity and boost speed of execution Check 'flock' translations into English. Look through examples of flock translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar

Contextual translation of flock into English. Human translations with examples: herd, floc, herds, umbel, covey, flocks, school, floccule, nomadic herd, nomadic flock Computing. Flock (messaging service), a communication app for teams Flock (web browser), a discontinued web browser Flock system call, used for computer file locking; F-Lock, a function lock key on a computer keyboard; Entertainment. Flock (sculpture), a sculpture by Michael Christian Flock, the third album by Irish band Bell X1; The Flock (band), a 1969-1970 progressive rock band fronted by. The FLOCK (Flexible On Campus Course) History of English - which is of course free - covers the history of the English language from its remote Indo-Europ.. Flockning är en process som används inom vattenrening. När flockning genomförs ska humus och oorganiska partiklar sammanfogas för att kunna avskiljas från vattnet. Flockningen sker genom att en fällningskemikalie tillsätts till råvatten under omrörning vilket gör att partiklarna sammanfogas till flockar

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Substantive. flock - of birds, esp. geese [ZOOL.] flock [CHEM.] flock [CHEM.][TEXTIL.] flock [CHEM.][TEXTIL.] flock [TECH.] flock fibre [CHEM.][TEXTIL.] flock coating [TECH.] flock coating [TECH. Flock definition is - a group of animals (such as birds or sheep) assembled or herded together. How to use flock in a sentence \flock\, v. t. to coat with flock, as wall paper; to roughen the surface of (as glass) so as to give an appearance of being covered with fine flock. flock \flock\, v. i. [imp Many translated example sentences containing flock - German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations Video shows what flock means. A large number of birds, especially those gathered together for the purpose of migration.. A large number of animals, especiall..

flock translate: ฝูงสัตว์, รวมกลุ่ม. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Thai Dictionary Synonyms for flock in English including definitions, and related words

flock n. noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. figurative (church: congregation) (figurato, cristianesimo) gregge nm. sostantivo maschile: Identifica un essere, un oggetto o un concetto che assume genere maschile: medico, gatto, strumento, assegno, dolore. The pastor preached to his flock Main definitions of flock in English: flock 1 flock 2. flock 2 (also flocking) Pronunciation /fläk/ /flɑk/ See synonyms for flock. Translate flock into Spanish. noun often as modifier. 1 A soft material for stuffing cushions, quilts, and other soft furnishings, made of wool refuse or torn-up cloth to flock around sb / sth. sich acc um jdn / etw scharen. to flock around sb / sth. jdn / etw umringen. to flock in / out of somewhere. irgendwo [ scharenweise] hinein-/ hinausströmen. to flock to sth. zu etw dat in Scharen kommen [ o. strömen] 2 examples from the Internet Here are 4 tips that should help you perfect your pronunciation of 'flock':. Break 'flock' down into sounds: [FLOK] - say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.; Record yourself saying 'flock' in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen.You'll be able to mark your mistakes quite easily Flock definition: A flock of birds, sheep, or goats is a group of them. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example

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Flock, the best team communication app and online collaboration platform, comes with team messaging, project management and other great features that improve productivity and boost speed of execution A flock of sparrows, for example, can still be called a knot, flutter, host, quarrel, or crew even if several sparrow species are part of the group. A group of wading birds, however, is just a flock if there are herons, godwits, egrets, flamingos, storks, and plovers all mixed in the crowd, as all these birds have different collective nouns for their individual species Sheep (Ovis aries) are quadrupedal, ruminant mammals typically kept as livestock.Like all ruminants, sheep are members of the order Artiodactyla, the even-toed ungulates.Although the name sheep applies to many species in the genus Ovis, in everyday usage it almost always refers to Ovis aries.Numbering a little over one billion, domestic sheep are also the most numerous species of sheep The Flock - 2007 - English. Film directed in 2007 by Andrew Lau, and starring Richard Gere, Claire Danes, Kadee Strickland, Russell Sams, Dwayne L. Barnes, Ed Ackerman, Kristina Sisco, Avril Lavigne, Ray Wise, Debrianna Mansini, Frank Bond, Carmen Serano, Victoria Gallegos, Josh Berry, Genia Michael

Swedish Translation for flock - dict.cc English-Swedish Dictionar flock meaning in Swedish » DictZone English-Swedish dictionary Flock Browser can be configured into more than 20 languages: English, French, Danish, Turkish, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and much more that you can find once you download the software. Is It Free? Flock is no longer supported

Translation of flock in English. flocking. Flock. Other translations. Il flock è una tecnica ed è una caratteristica. Flocking is a technique and a feature. Possibilità di realizzare tappeti fino a 5 colori (4 di flock + 1 di base). Possibility of realizing mats up to 5 colours (4 for flocking + 1 for base) English To Zulu - Official Zulu Dictionary Specially, Zulu To English Dictionary & Dictionary English To Zulu Site Are Ready To Instant Result English To Zulu Translator & Zulu To English Translation Online FREE. English To Zulu Translation Online Tool And Zulu to English Translation App Are Available On Play Store. English To Zulu Dictionary Are Ready To Translate To Zulu Any Words With. Learn the translation for 'flock' in LEO's English ⇔ German dictionary. With noun/verb tables for the different cases and tenses links to audio pronunciation and relevant forum discussions free vocabulary traine En flock eller hjord är en grupp, klunga, skara eller samling (ofta landlevande) djur, oftast av artfränder.. De medeltida landskapslagarna i Sverige och Norge bestod av ett antal balkar (Ärvdabalk, Handelsbalk) som i sin tur bestod av ett antal flockar, dvs. grupper av lagregler.. Ord med liknande betydelser. Stim; Svärm; Se även. Vallnin

While training his young female replacement (Claire Danes), a hyper-vigilant federal agent (Richard Gere) must track down a missing girl whom he is convinced.. A flock well equipped in the word and trained to be strong leaders, as good disciples should be, will provide all the encouragement needed to keep a good leader on course. Une bande bien équipée dans le mot et exercée pour être les chefs forts, en tant que bons disciples devrait être, fournira tout l'encouragement requis pour garder un bon chef sur le cours flock (Middle English (1100-1500)) flocc (Old English (ca. 450-1100)) flok (Middle English (1100-1500)

English to Sinhala Dictionary (Free). You can get meaning of any English word very easily. It has auto-suggestion feature which will save you a lot of time getting any meaning. We have a Chrome Extension and an Android Ap Meaning and examples for 'flock' in Spanish-English dictionary. √ 100% FREE. √ Over 1,500,000 translations. √ Fast and Easy to use

English Latin; flock noun: volgus [volgi] noun (2nd) N. vulgus [vulgi] noun (2nd) N. flock, congregate verb: congrego [congregare, congregavi, congregatus] verb (1st) TRANS. flock, herd noun: grex [gregis] noun (3rd) C. flock together, throng verb: adfluo [adfluere, adfluxi, adfluxus] verb (3rd) INTRANS. affluo [affluere, affluxi, affluxus] verb (3rd) INTRANS. flock/herd/swarm nou High quality example sentences with A flock of tourists. in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Translation for: 'flock' in English->Russian dictionary. Search nearly 14 million words and phrases in more than 470 language pairs English to Khmer Dictionary (Free). You can get meaning of any English word very easily. It has auto-suggestion feature which will save you a lot of time getting any meaning. We have a Chrome Extension and an Android Ap Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit Flocken - Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Englisch-Übersetzungen

Look up the English to German translation of flock in the PONS online dictionary. Includes free vocabulary trainer, verb tables and pronunciation function Look up the English to Polish translation of flock in the PONS online dictionary. Includes free vocabulary trainer, verb tables and pronunciation function

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Contextual translation of flock into English. Human translations with examples: flock, prctl(2), also be flocked, fcntl(2), flock(2) • Schoolchildren flock to the malls and fast-food joints, looking for jobs as shop assistants and chefs. • This summer, campers will be flocking to them like never before. • An increasing number of people flocked to visit Opo, with 1500 visitors sometimes crowding the beach. Origin flock 1 1. Old English flocc crowd 2 Translate Flock. See 10 authoritative translations of Flock in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations

Definition of flock written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels flock translation in English - French Reverso dictionary, see also 'fleck',flick',frock',folk', examples, definition, conjugatio He shall feed His flock like a shepherd; and He shall gather the lambs with His arm, and carry them in His bosom, and gently lead those that are with young. (Isaiah 40: 11) Come unto Him, all ye that labour, come unto Him that are heavy laden, and He will give you rest flock : English Portuguese Dictionary translates words, phrases, idioms and sentences

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@_____j1n おはようございます Kontakt Facebook Instagram Tillgänglighet. In English عربى عرب flock (third-person singular simple present flocks, present participle flocking, simple past and past participle flocked) ( intransitive ) To congregate in or head towards a place in large numbers. People flocked to the cinema to see the new film Conjugate Flock in every English verb tense including present, past, and future

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  1. What does flock mean? To flock means to group together. (verb) An example of to flock is to wait with a group of people for a famous person's.
  2. Definitions - English: flock = A group of animals that live, travel, or feed together
  3. English verb conjugation to flock to the masculine. Regular verb: flock - flocked - flocked
  4. Flock. The word given to describe the large amount of hopeful male suitors chasing an extremely pretty girl who is otherwise disinterested. There goes the flock again.. I don't know how she deals with it . Get a Flock mug for your barber Beatrix
  5. Flock is a web browser based on Mozilla Firefox.Flock is also the name of the company making the browser. Awards. Upon leaving beta, Flock has won a number of awards: Webby Award in social networking, 2008; SXSW community Award, 2008 ; Open Web Award for Applications and Widgets, 2007 | publisher = PC World | accessdate = 2008-06-17 | archive-date = 2008-06-11 | archive-url = https://web.
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Say: There was a flock of sheep. (The word flock is construed as singular.) But don't. Why mention the flock of sheep when it turns out that the sheep have nothing to do with the story? (In any case, it would be better to say something like: We saw a flock of sheep there. The Flock ( 2007) The Flock. R | 1h 36min | Crime, Drama, Mystery | 4 August 2007 (Japan) This film is about a hyper-vigilant employee of the department of public safety who, while training his young female replacement, has to track down a missing girl who he is convinced is connected to a paroled sex offender he is investigating Översättningar. [ Visa ] grupp av djur. engelska: flock (en) (om fåglar), herd (en) (om boskap), pack (en) (om vargar), host (en) (om människor), gaggle (en) (om gäss), legion (en) (om människor), murder (en) (om kråkor), throng (en), wake (en) (om gamar

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  1. Verb (1) move as a crowd or in a group (2) come together as in a cluster or flock
  2. Verb (1) move as a crowd or in a group (2) come together as in a cluster or flock Show Examples (1) Guillotine-cut flock may be dyed before it is bath-finished, dried, screened, and bagged
  3. 1 [countable] flock (of something) a group of sheep, goats, or birds of the same type compare herd Questions about grammar and vocabulary? Find the answers with Practical English Usage online, your indispensable guide to problems in English
  4. birds of a feather (flock together) (saying) people of the same sort (are found together) See flock in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. Check pronunciation: flock
  5. English to Burmese Dictionary: flock Meaning and definitions of flock, translation in Burmese language for flock with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of flock in Burmese and in English language
  6. Contextual translation of flocken into English. Human translations with examples: ge, ]]>, flocks, blazes, flakes, flaked, prctl(2), • flock(), flock (43)
  7. flock. sich Akk scharen. crowds of people flocked to see the Picasso exhibition. es kamen Scharen von Menschen, um die Picassoausstellung zu sehen. to flock around sb / sth. sich Akk um jdn / etw scharen. to flock around sb / sth. jdn / etw umringen. to flock in / out of somewhere

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When you begin to speak English, it's essential to get used to the common sounds of the language, and the best way to do this is to check out the phonetics. Below is the UK transcription for 'flock': Modern IPA: flɔ́k ; Traditional IPA: flɒk; 1 syllable: FLOK Test your pronunciation on words that have sound similarities with 'flock': floc; flack; fla Flock. Flock delivers the latest webmail, photos, videos and updates from your favorites sites, so you can stop running around. Take a load off. Enjoy. Keep In Touch - Keep in tune with your friends and their activities. Flock makes sure you never miss a beat. It's Cool To Share - Flock hooks it all together so you can drag and drop anything to. Little Flock English School. Schools - Elementary & Secondary, Companies & Businesses. Little Flock English School. Address: Dubai Zip Code: 8738. City of Dubai. Phone number: +971 4 3448044

flock : English Spanish Dictionary translates words, phrases, idioms and sentences bandada (de pájaros) - flock (of birds), school (of fish) rebaño (de ovejas) - flock, herd. moverse en rebaño. congregarse - to congregate, to assemble. reunirse - to meet

flock (n.1) Old English flocc a group of persons, company, troop, related to Old Norse flokkr crowd, troop, band, Middle Low German vlocke crowd, flock (of sheep); of unknown origin, not found in other Germanic languages; perhaps related to folc people, but the metathesis would have been unusual for Old English.. In Old English of humans only; extended c. 1200 to a number of animals. English term or phrase: flock spraying: Polish translation: natryskiwanie (malowanie) zawiesinowe: Entered by: Piotr Rypalski: 12:46 Oct 12, 2004: English to Polish translations [PRO] Tech/Engineering - Engineering (general) English term or phrase: flock spraying: Szerszego kontekstu brak English French FLOCK features over 50 pastoral puzzles. Pick up wood to form bridges, move boulders to create obstructions, and flatten fields into pathways all to help deliver your herd before time runs out! Flock together with a friend and even create and share your own crazy levels online!.

flock in other languages: Deutsch - Englisch Deutsch - Schwedisch English - Albanian English - Bosnian English - Croatian English - Czech English - Danish English - Dutch English - Finnish English - French English - Hungarian English - Italian English - Latin English - Norwegian English - Polish English - Portuguese English - Romanian English - Russia Englische Konjugation des Verbs To flock. Konjugieren Sie das Verb To flock auf Englisch. Das Verb To flock in allen Zeitformen, allen Modi (Hilfsverben, reflexive Verben, unpersönliche Verben,...) WARUM ES FUNKTIONIERT UNSERE KURSE. Gymglish Online-Englischkurs English [] Etymology []. From Middle English flockmel, from Old English flocmǣlum ( in flocks ), equivalent to flock +‎ -meal.See -meal.. Adverb []. flockmeal (not comparable) (now rare) In a flock; in flocks; in a herd.c. 1519, Thomas More, History of King Richard III: And some Lords, Knights, and Gentlemen either for favour of the Queen, or for fear of themselves, assembled in.

flock in Arabic - Translation of flock to Arabic by Britannica English, the leading Free online English Arabic translation, with sentences translation, audio pronunciation, inflections, example sentences, synonyms, Arabic punctuation, word games, personal word lists and mor Konjugation Verb auf Englisch flock: Partizip, Präteritum, Indikativ, unregelmäßige Verben. Definition und die Übersetzung im Kontext von flock En brutal sammanslutning där bevis och domstolsbeslut inte betyder någonting och där vuxna människor sätter egna regler och lagar. Ingenting är att gå för långt. Det enda som betyder något är att man håller sig till flocken

Find 44 ways to say FLOCK, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus Sentence examples for. a flock of birds. from inspiring English sources. He has guided a flock of birds — through the air. Rattle compares the Berlin Phil to a flock of birds. He cautioned that the object could have been a flock of birds. A flock of birds was in a gluttonous frenzy, swarming cicadas in the branches Varg. Vargen är ett rovdjur med spridning över en stor del av världen. Den är mycket social och lever i flock. Med sitt känsliga luktsinne kan den känna doften av ett bytesdjur på långt håll. Två vargar visar sin lägre rang gentemot den dominanta individen i mitten. Från Natur i Sverige 5,953 Followers, 11 Following, 393 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Flock Creative Network (@fcn.id Spanish Translation for flock - dict.cc English-Spanish Dictionar

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English to Hindi Dictionary: flock. Meaning and definitions of flock, translation of flock in Hindi language with similar and opposite words. Spoken pronunciation of flock in English and in Hindi. Tags for the entry flock What flock means in Hindi, flock meaning in Hindi, flock definition, explanation, pronunciations and examples of flock in. 11.5k Followers, 1,832 Following, 150 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from FLOCK TOGETHER (@flocktogether.world flock 2, s. Ealta f (éan); tréad m (caorach); scuaine f (lachan); scata m (géanna, leanbh); ealbha f. F: A pastor and his flock, sagart agus a thréad, a phobal. Those who have strayed from the flock, iad sin a chuaigh ar fán ón tréad. They arrived in flocks, tháinig siad ina sluaite Übersetzung Englisch-Spanisch für flock im PONS Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen! Gratis Vokabeltrainer, Verbtabellen, Aussprachefunktion

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Albanian Translation for Flock- - dict.cc English-Albanian Dictionar 1 708 Gratis bilder av Flock. 332 439 34. Fiskmåsar Beach Måsar. 83 49 25. Safari Elefant Liggande. 207 270 17. Hästar Djur. 205 202 17. Solnedgång Fåglar Moln

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flock as. samlas runt, ofta för att få en skymt av någon/något Fansen flockades runt sin älskade stjärna. Spelarna flockas runt domaren och skriker ut sitt missnöje med beslutet. Besläktade ord: flock Vanliga konstruktioner: flockas run Singleplayer, Local 2 Player Co-operative, High Definition. Play Flock!, the hilarious herding hootenanny of intergalactic proportions! Use your UFO and its alien beams to herd a variety of cute, cuddly animals across a patchwork landscape and into your Motherflocker. With over 50 interactive levels and a side-splitting sense of humor, Flock! is a sandbox action puzzle game like no other Biovetenskaper och näringslära Bedriver forskning och utbildning inom molekylär endokrinologi, epigenetik, strukturbiokemi, cellulär virologi och nutrition med mera. Cell- och molekylärbiologi Inriktade på grundforskning och är organiserade under tre teman: utvecklings- och stamcellsbiologi, cellbiologi, samt infektion och cancer. Fysiologi och farmakologi Undervisar och bedriver.

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