Excel file opens blank grey screen

existing Excel file (s) opens to blank (grey) screen. Issue: per above subject line. Note that when Excel opens existing file is blank and all functions are greyed out and inoperable. I can select the FILE...HOME...INSERT.... top menu, but functions under each are greyed out and inoperable Excel Opens Blank Grey Screen: While working on Microsoft Excel many users are facing the grey screen issue. This error is faced by the users who updated their system from 2007 or 2010 to Excel 2016. However this is not limited to Excel 2016, Excel 2013 users are also facing the same issue. Excel Won't Open White Screen: This is another issue related to the Excel opens blank screen issue This mainly happens due to corruption prevailing in your Excel file. Here we are providing you some temporary solutions to deal with such deadlock situation: Methods to reslove the 'Starts with a grey screen, won't open a file' error . First Method. The easiest way to handle such problem is to press Ctrl + F10. This will allow you to view your document Minimizing and then maximizing the window can sometimes refresh the Excel page and cause any hidden data to appear. In the top-right corner of the Excel spreadsheet, select the minimize button. In the task tray, right-click Excel, and then select your spreadsheet. (Or double click the Excel icon. Open-File Ribbon and head to options. From the side panel select Add-ins. If there is an active add-in turn off one by one, and check if the issue is solved

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I just happened to notice there was an extra file hanging out in that location by the name of 'Excel15.xlb' that had been created around the same time I opened my Excel file. So I moved it and now there isn't an extra blank, grey Excel file opening up every time I open an Excel file. I'm using Office 365 over Windows 10. Thank you! Reply Delet Microsoft Excel. 16 Comments. 1 Solution. 15,712 Views. Last Modified: 2012-05-11. I have a user that all Excel files open to a gray screen. Under file only OPEN Recent Help, Options and Exit are available.. everything else is grayed out.... If I click on open and then choose same excel file or different excel file it opens up no problems... We have tried multiple files, and they all open Excel to a blue/gray screen. If you go to File>Open, the file will then load into Excel. This is only for one user. I am able to open the files fine on my device, and other users can open the files also

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You double-click on an Excel file, but Excel doesn't open the file. Instead, it opens a blank screen with the buttons grayed out. Your screen may look similar to this: Solution. Trying performing an Online Repair of Office by following the steps in Repair an Office application. If that doesn't work, please click the Contact us link below Hi, I downloaded a XLS (not XLSX) file from an internet application. I have Excel 2016 and am on Windows 7. If I open the file in notepad, I see that it has HTML tags/content. however, when I double click on the file, it opens up the Excel app but there is no worksheet...just a gray background · The Excel team has made a change in the. Deselect the box for Enable Protected View for files originating from the Internet. When you open one of these files you will get a warning message. If you click Yes, it will open the file. You can then save the file in the proper format for future work

existing Excel file(s) opens to blank (grey) screen

Re: Excel documents won't open only blank grey screen Zazula, Thank you for the link - this solution posted by rahul.gandhi was the one that fixed my problem! XOXO ray: There is a very simple fix for this. 1. Open Excel 2. Click the Microsoft button (Round button top left) 3. Click on the Excel Options button 4. Select Add-ins on the left menu 5 Solution 1: Disable Hardware Acceleration In some cases, the excel file appears blank because Microsoft Excel is not able to load the data of the file due to hardware acceleration for the graphics card. In such cases, you can fix the issue by disabling hardware acceleration As such, Excel would not open the workbook and just show a blank screen. Method 1: Disabling the Ignore DDE feature It is possible that Excel is not properly opening files because of the Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) feature. When you double-click a file, it is supposed to send a message to the program, instructing it to open the workbook Blank Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. Blank Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. Read More. excel 2010 file opens blank grey screen excel 2013 opens blank grey screen excel 2016 file opens blank grey screen excel 2016 open blank workbook on startup excel 2016 opens blank workbook when opening file excel file not opening on double click in 2016 excel file.

If we open an excel document for the first time, excel will load a blank grey screen without any contents. If you double click again, the document will open. If there is already a excel process running, the document will open. This is happening with all users and repairing office is not an option. MSI based office 2016 is used Excel files open as blank grey screen. Open. Afternoon folks, running Windows 10 Pro, Office 2016 32-bit here. I've recently found an issue where if I double-click an Excel spreadsheet in File Explorer or my Desktop etc that Excel opens up with a blank grey screen, but not the file In This Video We Will See How To Fix Microsoft Excel Opening Blank Document Error or Excel Blank Page Or Worksheet Screen ProblemHere Are The Steps To Fix Mi.. About blank grey screens in Excel 2016. Among all the errors that Excel 2016 gives, the most common is Excel 2016 opening with a blank gray screen. In other words, you open a previously saved file with important information, but instead, you see a gray screen and nothing else Sometimes, when a user opens a saved workbook, it is blank. This issue is often caused when Excel's settings are changed (usually inadvertently) to ignore external programs. To correct this issue, try the following suggestions below. Uncheck Ignore DDE optio

Have two users that can't open an excel file *.xls. They can't open it in citrix either with 2010 or 2013. The PC has 2013 installed. When file is opened in Citrix it tries to launch then just closes, it's really fast. But If I open a working excel document then the other one will sometimes open. So I thought I would just open a blank doc and. Here in this article, I will give you the best fixes to resolve Excel opens blank or Excel file opens blank grey screen. Moreover, you will also get complete detail about this Excel open blank issue. Read more 7 Working Solutions to Fix Excel Opening Files To A Blank Screen

I suggest you try to reset file associations: Please go to Control Panel. Click Default Programs, and then click Set your default programs. Click Excel, and then click Choose default for this program ***When the 2013 excel doc opens up to the blank grey screen, ALL the menu tools and options are grayed out as well. I cannot click on anything besides File>New or Open or Account or Options.*** Please help me with my direct problem. I have been everywhere on the internet and no one has my particular problem that i have found http://www.learn4self.blogspot.comhttp://www.youtube.com/SarySokhahttps://www.youtube.com/c/CookingTimekhE-mail : sarysokha1@gmail.comTwitter : so.. Re: Excel open a blank grey screen excel file with my original excel file That opens fine. Interestingly from your screen shot the two thumbnail type images at the bottom of the screen would suggest Excel can open the file and view its contents, it's just not showing on your main screen

Excel 2013 opens blank grey screen along with original workbook. Sometimes it will open 8 phantom windows and the computer will state it ran out of resources. If you try and close the blank windows it will exit out of the entire program. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, repaired and updated office 2013 but no luck. Any ideas My Excel files ALL now open with only a blank, gray screen. They will open opnly in IE. Just happened yesterday and applies to every excel file...old and new. Scanned for vitus and none detected. XP operating system. Media Center Office 2003 I've recently found an issue where if I double-click an Excel spreadsheet in File Explorer or my Desktop etc that Excel opens up with a blank grey screen, but not the file. The only way I can actually open Excel files now is to first open Excel and then do File > Open. I've spent the last hour googling this, and have tried the following suggested fixes from around the web: Disabling DDE. Disabling hardware acceleration. Running Excel /unregserver and Excel /regserver. Repairing Office. Solution quite simple: go to Local Disk-users-?????-appdata-roaming-microsoft-excel-xlstart-and delete Personal file. Grey screen gone

Excel 2013 opens blank grey screen along with original workbook. Sometimes it will open 8 phantom windows and the computer will state it ran out of resources. If you try and close the blank windows it will exit out of the entire program. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, repaired and updated office 2013 but no luck On a just a few machines, the workbook opens to a completly gray screen. A quick workaround for me has been to immediately open a new workbook that opens as book1. For some reason, Ican then move to the taskbar, right click the original file and select Maximize (which is greyed out before book1 is opened) the original file becomes visible, close Book1, save the problem file and all is well

7 Working Solutions to Fix Excel Opening Files To A Blank

Fix Excel Starts With a Grey Screen, Won't Open a File Erro

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Excel opens a blank screen when you double-click a file

  1. -File>Options>Advanced> Ignore all other applications using DDE check marked......Still shows blank screen. -Don't have the option to click unhide because every tool option is greyed out. ***When the 2013 excel doc opens up to the blank grey screen, ALL the menu tools and options are grayed out as well
  2. Excel Data Not Showing - Excel Worksheet Area Is Grayed Out or Blank FIX [Tutorial]The Excel file seems to open normally, but the Excel won't show the worksh..
  3. I have discovered this problem has nothing to do with macros or VBA coding. The laptop is my wife's. I have made a few spreadsheets for her. The last one was a year ago and it opens ok. Any spreadsheets made now open with a gray blank screen, with or without controls using macro or VBA. A screenshot is attached. I apologize for the confusion
  4. I have a user that all Excel files open to a gray screen. Instead, it opens a blank screen with the buttons grayed out. XOXO ray: There is a very simple fix for this. On a just a few machines, the workbook opens to a completly gray screen. They have to go back to the file and single click on it, then back to Excel and the file is displayed.
  5. Open a blank Microsoft® Excel file and go to File > Options > General. Under User Interface Options, select the option Optimize for compatibility, as shown below
  6. The Excel file opens blank workbook error may occur if the graphics card of your computer won't function properly due to problem with hardware acceleration. To fix this, turn off hardware acceleration for MS Excel by following these steps: In MS Excel, click on File > Options to open the 'Excel Options' window

When you open a workbook in Microsoft Excel, you cannot see the file. There appears only a gray screen, even if Least likely is that your workbook has hidden sheets, such as with a personal.xls file. So, just go to Format Sheet Unhide. Excel isn't really opening your workbook at all You can hide Excel documents in Excel, and when you do, all you see is a blank document panel instead of the actual spreadsheet document. To check this, select View from the menu, and make sure the unhide option under Window is not enabled In most cases, you will see a blank sheet instead of the Excel file you want to open. Excel file not opening is a common issue, and has been reported by thousands of Excel users across the world. What happens is, when you double-click on a file to open it, it opens but instead of showing the contents of the file, it shows a blank or grey screen Marc7210 Jan 29, 2018 at 4:52 AM. We had a similar issue recently - The last Excel update pushed out by Windows was the culprit - The user would double click the file and it would open to a blank white screen. If you minimized the window you could see the data. Uninstalled the update - issue gone

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Just noticed if I open a document from explorer, after it is loaded to the gray screen, if I minimize it, the document will instantly pop back up with my data as it should. RE: Office 2007 Excel Grey Screen I try to open some Excel 2000 worksheets I've created or someone else e-mails to me and and all I get is a blank gray screen. But, if I view it in full screen or print preview I can see the spreadsheet with the data. I tried closing the spreadsheet and re-opening it, but it still comes up the same. What could be causing this Microsoft Excel Office XP Standard with 2007 Conversion I have created a spreadsheet that opened normally until I added a Clear Contents control & macro. Now when I attempt to open the file, it opens with a blank screen. Within that blank screen I can Open the spreadsheet I have had the blank Excel 2007 screen when double clicking on a file and none of the suggestions have worked. I have Windows 10 installed. I went into the MS Office folder and right clicked on the Excel.exe file. It seems it had been set up to run in compatibility mode for Windows Vista. Once I turned compatibility mode off it worked fine Excel sheet opening problem..

Hello, i have a problem with Autocad 2015. Sometimes when i open a file, it open in gray color and the lines and the objects are well defined, even the dotted lines are well defined. This is irrtating because of the color of the screen, (I configured my Autocad in color black). And when I save the f.. Wanneer u dubbelklikt op een Excel-werkmap in Windows Verkenner, wordt een DDE-bericht (Dynamic Data Exchange) verzonden naar Excel. Dit bericht geeft Excel de opdracht om de werkmap waarop u hebt gedubbelklikt, te openen. Als u de optie 'Negeren' selecteert, negeert Excel DDE-berichten die het ontvangt van andere programma's we see the cells on the top but where the sheet should be its greyed out i know we hit something to make it like that how can we get to see the sheet again? thanks access 9 I opened an excel 2000 workbook, enabled marcos, entered password, window closed and bottom bar says it's opening my page, done and then goes to a blank grey screen. I've did this same procedure for years and never failed. I can open other documents that are linked to this one with no problem but cannot see the workbook. Any help would be greatly appreciated Set the calculation option in Excel to manual To open a workbook, try changing the calculation setting from automatic to manual. Because the workbook won't be recalculated, it may open. To set the calculation option in Excel to manual, do the following: Make sure that a new, blank workbook is open in Excel

It Is Solved: Microsoft Excel opening a blank grey page as

  1. Excel 2007 opens the program but not the document when double-clicking excel files from Windows Explorer. Solutions: - Office button, Excel options, Advanced tab, general section: make sure Ignore other applications that use DDE is unchecked. - Click on document When app opens, click 'file open'
  2. In earlier versions you could close the workbooks in such a way that you end up with a grey screen (Excel open but no open workbooks) and you could open a new workbook from there. Two ways to achieve the same things in Excel 2013 and up i.e. close the workbook but not Excel
  3. Excel appears blank. When opening the file outside of the program that performs the exporting, it loads in exactly the same way. Excel is open, it says Microsoft Excel at the top of the window, but there are no visible sheets. Excel looks like there is nothing open at all

I've run into a problem with my Microsoft Project 2010 file. Whenever I try and open it I just get a blank screen. None of the alternative views (e.g. network diagram, resource sheet, tracking ga.. One of my users is having a problem opening Excel attachments. If we click on the attachment from outlook, Excel opens, but there is no worksheet and no data, just a grey Excel window. This happens with ALL Excel attachments, even with no macros. If we save the file, it opens without issue, as well as any other file saved to the HDD I have the following simple code to close a range of open workbooks. I have just switched to Excel 2013 and in this new version my screen keeps flashing a white window in Excel for each workbook th..

Open Excel, and click the Blank Template, to go to the Excel window. Click the File tab, and click Options, at the bottom of the list at the left. In the Options window, click the General category; Scroll down to Start up Options, and remove the check mark from 'Show the Start screen when this application starts Get code examples like How to create a progress bar with CSS instantly right from your google search results with the Grepper Chrome Extension

Solved: Excel 2010 opens to gray screen Experts Exchang

  1. If the page is a blank grey screen, but the document size is still appropriate for the file you were working on: Click the View Tab Click Unhide Select the document Click O
  2. My extra window turned out to be a problem with add-ins.In Excel 2016, here's how to fix that: Open Excel. Go to File > Options. Click on Add-ins. Look at the Active Application Add-ins (so alliterative!) At the bottom of the dialog, in Manage, set the dropdown to COM Add-ins and click Go... Uncheck the things you don't need
  3. If the screen opens with a grey background one of 3 things generally is the culprit: 1) Window Updating was somehow set to False. you can enter the VBA IDE and in the Immediate Window type:..
  4. Re: Excel 2010 display issue - large grey bar appears at top of spreadsheet - RESOLVED So after some more testing and searching and simply trying various things I found the answer. The user had the preview pane turned on in Windows Explorer. As soon as we turned off the preview pane, the issue disappeared. If we re-enabled it, the problem returned
  5. when opening a .xls file by double-clicking on the file, Excel launches, but won't show the sheet - it simply shows a blank grey area below the formula bar. It will open anything normally from its.
  6. When a gray Screen of Death occurs, your computer goes blank, without display. This issue is quite rare and normally happens during startup, but it can spring up while the PC is in use. Some users have reported seeing the flash of gray on their monitor in the middle of intense gameplay, reporting that they couldn't get their system to boot up normally again after that
  7. g Windows Prefetch files. Here are the instructions for you to follow: Press the Windows logo key + E shortcut to open File Explorer. Navigate to the address bar and type C:\Windows\Prefetch. Press Enter to proceed. Locate all the files that look like EXE-[a random number].pf

Last week when I saved over an existing app in the cloud, there was a 3 minute delay when clicking the app in a browser before it would be open. It shows what I term the Grey Screen of Death while I wait. It is colored by the programed color if I open the app from Dynamics 365. That delay gradually increased to 5 minutes this week However when I create a new notebook file or open an existing one, I get a totally blank screen in my browser. This problem appeared when I installed jupyter. Beforehand, my ipython notebok was working just fine. So I uninstalled anaconda and then re-installed it

[SOLVED] Excel files show blank screen unless File->Open

Open the Folder options, go to the View tab, and ensure the following settings are configured: Ensure that the Show hidden files and folders option is enabled; Ensure that the option to Hide file extensions for known file types is unchecked; Ensure that the option to Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) is unchecke 1. Open Excel, and click File in the upper left. 2. Then, click Options. 3. Click Trust Center and then Trust Center Settings. 4. Click Protected View and deselect the first option, Enable Protected View for files originating from the internet. Then, click OK

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Open File Select Tools/Options... Click on the View TAB and make sure that Sheet tabs and Row & column headers are both checked off. HOPEFULLY that gives you a start... As for it being grayed out I am not really sure. Maybe there is another option under view or maybe the sheet has been Protected I have a LF user who is trying to open a document in LF and all she gets is a white blank screen. This is on documents that are a pink (.TIF?) icon. PDFs, Excel & Word files come up with no issues. This just started today. Customer did get a new computer several weeks ago & has had various issues since receiving new computer

Whoever has this blank screen problem, please fill out this form, as we are trying to collect data on what kind of graphics cards and computers are being affected. Also, the top fixes are at the end of this form, depending on your configuration: https://goo.gl/forms/RQEr2Au1KGdW8smD I've been experiencing the gray screen of nothingness when using Remote Desktop to access Adobe Dimension. I can open Dimension locally just fine (ui elements show up, no blank gray screen). Any tips? I tried Mr. Simoes trick, but I do not have the option to select a dedicated graphics card How To Unhide A Window in MS Excel. If your file has a hidden window, first of all you need to toggle into that hidden window, (Ctrl + F4). Excel then looks as if you just have the program open but there is no file open. Next click into the View menu ribbon, and click the Unhide button as highlighted below Fix 1. Open Blank Word Document Using Open and Repair Tool. 1. Start Word. 2. On the File menu or the Microsoft Office button, click Open. 3. In the Open dialog box, click to select the blank Word file. 4. Click the down arrow on the Open button, and then click Open and Repair Grey out unused area by Page Break Preview. In the Page Break Preview view, the unused area will be greyed out. Enable the sheet in which you want to display working area only, and click View > Page Break Preview. See screenshot: If you want to go back to normal view, just click Normal under View tab

Close workbook but not Excel (2013, 2016 and up

XLS file will not open in Excel 2016, only gray vie

Pick any file that has a grey X (or other wonky symbol) on it. Right-click on it and choose Open with You'll see something like this: Depending on the type of file, the default app/program will be different than what is shown above. That's fine! You don't actually need to change the app you're using to open this file type Open Microsoft Excel program on your computer and open an existing file or open a blank workbook. 2.2. Once the File is open, click on the File tab located in the top ribbon menu. 2.3. Next, click on the Options tab. 2.4. On the Excel Options screen, scroll down to Start Up Options section and uncheck Show the Start screen when this application starts option. 2.5. Click on OK to save this change and close Microsoft Excel Program. Now, whenever you open Microsoft Excel program on your. To fix the Excel slow to respond issue start Excel file in safe mode. To do so follow the steps given in the article: Close Excel completely > hit Windows + R > then in the Run dialog box type. We have several users that use Acrobat DC and when they open PDF documents and try to do a file - save as the window will occasionally open up as a blank window with only the window title bar saying Save As. The only option that they then have is to close adobe and re open the document and try it again

Excel 2010 Starts with a grey screen, won't open file

When she clicks on it to open, Excel opens but the area where the report should be is blank and gray. This happens will all Salesforce reports she exports. Exporting to .csv is working just fine. Also to note, she has Windows 7 Professional and Microsoft Excel 2010 Excel files. have file extension .xlsx at the end of a workbook name. when no workbooks are currently open. Excel displays a blank gray screen. Autocomplete in Excel. will complete text entries as you start to type,. Same issue on some computers to any excel file on network share. Some computers fine. Access rights to network the same. So not network or file related. If Excel is open already, even if nothing it it - then file->open or double-click file opens instantly. Local copy of file opens instantly. Word etc all fine

[SOLVED] Excel documents won't open only blank grey screen

Describes a problem in which you open up Office files and applications open up blank when authentication is over a non-SSL connection Have you tried holding down the shift key as the database opens? Or you can press F11 when the empty workspace appears. It's possible that the Display database window option is not checked, and for some reason the startup form is not opening. At least if you can get the database window back you'll be able to investigate why. Assuming that there i

Fix: Microsoft Excel 2016 Opens Blank on Windows 10

To isolate issue, you may try to download file from Dropbox to local machine and then upload file in to Microsoft Teams under any team > file and the try to open same file. If you are able to open file this way that's means there is integration There should be config file, try open it and verify if using CTRL K settings, value do change. another option is to copy prefs and everything from a working copy of ilustrator (should be same version though

Clear the box next to At startup, open all files in:. Excel might stop responding or take longer to start if either of the following conditions is true: The files in either startup folder aren't valid Excel workbooks or worksheets. The files are stored on a network drive that has a slow network connection After the MS16-088 patch is applied, though, Excel refuses to open XLS files, showing a blank screen instead of a workbook. Poster conker123 on the TechNet Office forum described the problem. If the Excel file won't open, due to password encryption, then in such cases, you need to take assistance from Passper for Excel, which is a powerful and reliable Excel password recovery tool. It can quickly regain the correct password of locked Excel sheet I am a teacher and regularly use MS Excel to cater my reporting tasks. One day when I was trying to open my Excel file it displayed some corruption messages through pop-ups. One of my colleagues suggested me to use your 'Excel Repair' software. First I used the demo version, and was really surprised to see all my data in preview Private Sub Workbook_Open() Sheets(Sheet5).Visible = False End Sub Note: In the above code, Sheet5 is the sheet name that you want to hide on open. Please change it to your need. 3. Then save and close this code window, and click File > Save As to save this workbook as Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook format, see screenshot: 4 If on the other hand you first navigate to your file then double click it Excel will open with just your file showing. If your new worksheet opens with no grid lines etc then try this: With Excel open, go to Tools, then Options then click the View Tag. If the Gridlines box is not checked then check it. Now when you open Excel the grid lines will show

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