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One marketplace for heavy equipment, commercial trucks, and trailers for sale:. construction, logging, farm equipment, heavy duty parts, and more Agriculture and Rural Development Directorate-General AGRI This Commission department is responsible for EU policy on agriculture and rural development and deals with all aspects of the common agricultural policy (CAP) How the European Commission ensures the safety and quality of agricultural and food products, supports producers and communities, and promotes sustainable practices. Food safety and quality Alerts and update

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The European Commission on Agriculture meets every two years, between sessions of the Regional Conference for Europe. The Commission serves as a technical preparatory meeting for the Regional Conference for Europe. Membership is open to all Member Countries in FAO's Europe and Central Asia region The European Commission will continue to support farmers and food producers, collaborate with EU member states, and take whatever measures are necessary to ensure the health and well-being of the people of Europe. Janusz Wojciechowski, European Commissioner for agriculture Why are these statistics important and what is the European Commission doing in this regard? Initially, the purpose of Agricultural statistics was to monitor the Common Agricultural Policy's (CAP) main objectives, such as the production and supply of agricultural products and income in the farming sector On 1 June 2018, the European Commission presented legislative proposals on the common agricultural policy (CAP) for the period 2021-27. Due to ongoing negotiations between the European Parliament and the Council of the EU, the provisional start date of the proposed CAP reform has been pushed back to 1 January 2023 The statistical factsheets present the annual economic and agricultural data for each EU country and the European Union as a whole. The factsheets include key data relating to: population and economy, CAP expenditure and distribution of direct aids, agricultural inputs, outputs and income, agricultural prices, agricultural trade, farm structure. Newslette

EU agricultural policy covers a wide range of areas, including food quality, traceability, trade and promotion of EU farm products. The EU financially supports its farmers and encourages sustainable and eco-friendly practices, while also investing in the development of rural areas Agri-Food Markets. Market data on national and European agriculture provided by the European Commission's agricultural and rural development department. Browse visualisations about imports, exports, prices, production and aid schemes Ensuring a modern and sustainable EU agriculture sector that adapts to changes in climate, demographics and technologies. Supporting a swift conclusion to negotiations on post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy with a major focus on food security, climate and the biodiversity. Working with Member States on Strategic Plans, balancing EU-wide objectives.

The Commissioner for Agriculture is a member of the European Commission. The post is currently held by Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski. The post is in charge of rural issues including most notably the controversial Common Agricultural Policy which represents 44% of the EU budget. They also participate in meetings of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council configuration of the Council of the European Union Market data on national and European agriculture provided by the European Commission's agricultural and rural development department. Browse through multiple visualisations about imports, exports, prices and production Price information for most agricultural sectors is communicated periodically by Member States. Stable market prices are in the interest of both consumers and producers, which is why the European Commission closely monitors price evolution

For the period 2021-27, the European Commission proposes that the common agricultural policy (CAP) be built around nine key objectives. Focused on social, environmental and economic goals, these objectives will be the basis upon which EU countries design their CAP strategic plan 22-23 March 2021 Agriculture and Fisheries Council. 22 February 2021 Informal video conference of fisheries ministers. 25 January 2021 Informal video conference of agriculture and fisheries ministers. 15-16 December 2020 Agriculture and Fisheries Council European Union > European Commission > Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI) Director-General: Mr Wolfgang BURTSCHER https://ec.europa.eu/info/departments/agriculture-and-rural-developmen In light of the European Commission's recent EU agricultural outlook and the Portuguese Presidency priorities for the digitalization of the sector, POLITICO will take a deep dive into the challenges and innovations to strengthen the resilience, safety, sustainability and productivity of EU agricultural and food production system for the next seven years

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The Commission's. DG AGRI contributes to R&I in bioeconomy through the areas of Horizon 2020 under its responsibility (broadly half of Societal Challenge 2), focussing on those aspects of the bioeconomy that are most relevant for the farming and forestry sectors: sustainable biomass production & logistics, and making the bioeconomy contribute to rural development The Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, in association with the Committee on Petitions, jointly organised a public hearing on the European Citizens' Initiative End the Cage Age''. The initiative was registered on 5 September 2018 and its result was submitted to the European Commission,. Climate change adaptation in the agriculture sector in Europe, published in September, 2019. The European Commission's factsheet on EU 'Agriculture and climate change explains how agriculture ' contributes to the release of GHGs, namely through methane (CH 4) arising from livestock digestion processes, stored animal manuretrous oxide (N, and The European Charter for Sustainable Agriculture in Protected Areas, aims to support and make visible an efficient model of agriculture economically viable and socially acceptable, where the practices of sustainable agriculture, sustainable management and enhancement of local products are within the PAs priority objectives

European Commission on Agriculture (37/4-3) Ms Glinni presented the key points emerging from the ECA Ex Com Ad Hoc meeting of 29 October 2018, where ExCom and ERG members discussed the implementation of the ECA Assessment's recommendations The European Commission derives from one of the five key institutions created in the supranational European Community system, following the proposal of Robert Schuman, French Foreign Minister, on 9 May 1950.Originating in 1951 as the High Authority in the European Coal and Steel Community, the commission has undergone numerous changes in power and composition under various presidents. The department for agriculture and rural development uses public contracts to buy services, such as studies, technical assistance and training, consultancy, conference and publicity services. The providers are selected via calls for tender Experts are calling for a reimagining of the way we produce and distribute food so that everyone can access quality food. Despite producing more food by volume than humanity has to date, millions of people remain food insecure. Agriculture is also a major contributor to environmental degradation and climate change

C39 Water abstraction in agriculture (*) C40 Water quality (*) C41 Soil organic matter in arable land (*) C42 Soil erosion by water (*) C43 Production of renewable energy from agriculture and forestry; C44 Energy use in agriculture, forestry and food industry; C45 Emissions from agriculture (* Home - European Commission. English en. You are here: European Commission; EU Science Hub; Knowledge Hub on Water and Agriculture; Explore data on agricultural pressures, water quality, ecological status and irrigation across Europe. Discover more in the data information system. List item

Market data on national and European agriculture provided by the European Commission's agricultural and rural development department. Browse visualisations about imports, exports, prices and production. Trade and Quotas . Agricultural products provide an important positive contribution to the EU trade balance The scope and role of the new SCAR. The Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR) was established in 1974.Since it was re-launched in 2005, SCAR has grown to become a respected source of advice on European agricultural and wider bioeconomy research, along with being a major catalyst for the coordination of national research programmes, where it has helped shape the beginnings of an. The Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, with the participation of ENVI and JURI, was organising a public hearing on Enabling innovation for sustainable agriculture. Academics, civil society and practitioners from the European Innovation Partnership EIP-AGRI discussed with Members and the European Commission about different aspects of innovation both in animal and plant production

Market data on national and European agriculture provided by the European Commission's agricultural and rural development department. Browse visualisations about imports, exports, prices and production The meeting was organised jointly by FAO and the European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF) to promote this method of crop production expanding on the trend towards no-till/low-till agriculture, its aim being to conserve, improve and make more efficient use of natural resources through integrated management of available soil, water and biological resources combined with external inputs The European Commission maintains a Civil Society Dialogue which involves regular discussions between civil society and Commission officials on aspects of Europe's trade policy. European Commission Name of the document: Note for the record stakeholder dialogue isuue group on agriculture Related documents. Note for the record. EUROPARC is committed to supports positive dialogue between agricultural and Protected Area communities and has identified a huge number of success stories showcasing the effective partnerships already existing in many European National, Regional and Peri-urban Parks, conciliating farming interests with biodiversity conservation, contributing to climate change actions and fostering the creation of Europe's rural areas as living landscapes

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the long term objective of making European agriculture sustainable - in other words, agricultural production must develop and grow while securing the good status of water bodies as defined by the Water Framework Directive. The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) 2014-2020 prioritises the 'sustainable managemen NOTICES FROM EUROPEAN UNION INSTITUTIONS, BODIES, OFFICES AND AGENCIES. EUROPEAN COMMISSION. European Union Guidelines for State aid in the agricultural and forestry sectors and in rural areas 2014 . to 2020 (2014/C 204/01) CONTENT Supporting the agriculture and food sectors amid coronavirus (European Commission) COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic (background information) The EU agriculture policy is a dynamic policy which, through successive reforms, has adapted to new challenges faced by European agriculture European Commission on Agriculture (ECA) 37/2 Meeting of the Executive Committee 04/05/2018 10.00 - 12.00 hours Meeting minutes Present Chairperson: Mr Damien Kelly (Ireland) Members present: Mr Spyridon Ellinas (Cyprus) (First Vice-Chair) Ms Galina Jevgrafova (Estonia) (Second Vice-Chair) Ms Aulikki Hulmi (Finland) Ms Ágnes Dús (Hungary Highlights, press releases and speeche

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The European Strategy for Data that was published in February 2020 foresees the rollout of common European data spaces in nine strategic sectors, including agriculture. The development of such sectoral common European data spaces will be funded under the Digital Europe Programme (DEP). The event includes presentations from the Commission on the EU data strategy and data spaces, the. The Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development is a Directorate-General of the European Commission. The DG AGRI is responsible for the European Union policy area of agriculture and rural development. The work of the DG AGRI is closely linked with the Common Agricultural Policy. The Director-General is Wolfgang Burtscher. The European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development in the von der Leyen Commission is Janusz Wojciechowski, who took office in. The European Commission has decided to leave out agriculture but kept controversial criteria for bioenergy and forestry in the first batch of proposed implementing rules due to be presented on. The European Union Delegation to the State of Israel on 21 April 2021 hosted a special event in Tel Aviv to mark 25 years of successful EU-Israel collaboration in the field of research and innovation. the Deputy Director-General for Research and Innovation at the European Commission, innovation in agriculture,. The unquestionable blight caused by intensive agriculture projects on soil and indeed life quality in the Alentejo has seen a complaint delivered to the European Commission to commemorate World Earth Day. Civic movement Juntos Pelo Sudoeste accuses the State-run Institute of Nature and Forestry.

The European Union funds Europe-wide projects in the field of health, consumer protection, food safety and the promotion of agricultural products. This database contains information on the nature and results of projects funded by the EU Health Programmes , the Consumer Programme , the Better Training for Safer Food initiative and the Promotion of European Agricultural Products policy The Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR) was established in 1974. Since it was re-launched in 2005, SCAR has grown to become a respected source of advice on European agricultural and wider bioeconomy research, along with being a major catalyst for the coordination of national research programmes, where it has helped shape the beginnings of an integrated European Research Area The Treaty of Lisbon stipulates that the results of the European elections have to be taken into account when the European Council, after appropriate consultations (as set out in Declaration 11 on Article 17(6) and (7) TEU as an annex to the Treaty) and acting by a qualified majority, proposes the candidate for President of the Commission to Parliament

The selection procedure contains several stages. Unless the date and time is confirmed, all timing should be considered indicative. We will communicate with you through your EPSO account. There you will find all the information related to your progress in the procedure, such as invitations to the tests and your test results European Commission, September 2017 ec.europa.eu/ceta @Trade_EU CETA Factsheet 2 of 7 CETA and agriculture How EU agriculture benefits €3.4 bn 9 91% 32 000 The value of annual EU food and drink exports to Canada1 Canada's ranking amongst the EU's food and drink export markets Share of food and drink products that Canad COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 1408/2013. of 18 December 2013. on the application of Articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union to de minimis aid in the agriculture sector. THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION

(1) The Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions entitled The CAP towards 2020: Meeting the food, natural resources and territorial challenges of the future set out the potential challenges, objectives and orientations for the common agricultural policy (the CAP) after 2013 The Governments of the Member States and the European Commission were represented as follows: Belgium: Mr André BOURGEOIS Minister for Agriculture Denmark: Mr Bjørn WESTH Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries Germany: Mr Jochen BORCHERT Federal Minister for Food, Agriculture and Forestry Mr Franz-Josef FEITER State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry Greece: Mr Georges MORAITIS Minister for Agriculture Mr Floros CONSTANTINOU State Secretary for Agriculture Spain. The Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (CMEF) for the CAP 2014-2020 identifies a set of performance indicators in four categories: context, output, result, and impact. The indicators are combined with further information (such as on trade and quality schemes) into 12 thematic presentations at EU and Member States level EUROPEAN COMMISSION Brussels, 1.6.2018 COM(2018) 392 final 2018/0216 (COD) Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL establishing rules on support for strategic plans to be drawn up by Member States under the Common agricultural policy (CAP Strategic Plans) and financed by th

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  1. European Commission - Press Release details page - C/99/49 Brussels, 22-26 February & 5/9/10/11 March 1999 6124/99 (Presse 49) 2162nd Council meeting - AGRICULTURE - 2162nd Council meeting - AGRICULTURE - President: Mr Karl-Heinz FUNKE Federal Minister for Food, Agriculture and Forestry of the Federal Republic of Germany PARTICIPANTS The Governments of the Member States and the Commission o
  2. Media relase Global organic area continues to grow - Over 72.3 million hectares of farmland are organic. (17/02/2021) (Frick, 17 February 2021) According to the latest FiBL survey on organic agriculture worldwide, organic farmland increased by 1.1 million hectares, and organic retail sales continued to grow, as shown by the data from 187 countries.
  3. European Commission Directorate-General for Environment Agriculture, Forests and Soil Unit DG ENV.B.1 BU-5 5/178, 1049 Brussels, Belgium +32 2 299 63 6
  4. The governments of the Member States and the European Commission were represented as follows: Belgium: Ms Sabine LARUELLE Minister for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Agriculture. Mr Kris PEETERS Flemish Minister for Public Works, Energy, the Environment and Nature. Bulgaria: Mr Nikhat Takhir KABIL Minister for Agriculture and Food. Czech Republic
  5. Agriculture. Here you will find links to institutions and organisations as well as projects and initiatives that relate to the themes of agriculture, competitiveness and the wider rural economy, food chains and risk management. It also contains articles, research studies, reports etc. which can deepen knowledge and understanding of innovation
  6. agriculture (EcAMPA 2), JRC Science for Policy Reports, European Commission, Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 20 T 0 ted Production effects* Vaccination Feed additives: nitrate Feed additives: linseed Low nitrogen feed Fallowing histosols Rice measures Higher legume share Variable Rate.
  7. Présentation des grands objectifs de la politique agricole de l'UE, actualité et événements à venir, rapports nationaux, statistiques et liens vers les médias sociaux

The European Commission has unveiled the first list of environmentally friendly practices that could receive EU funding in the next Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the EU's farming subsidy. EUROPEAN COMMISSION JOINT RESEARCH CENTRE agricultural development economics, food and nutrition security, environmental economics, food systems and supply chain analysis. She/he will conduct its research using both economic models (based on mathematical program. The Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development is held by Phil Hogan and is in charge of rural issues including most notably the controversial Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which represents 44% of the EU budget.The post used to be combined with Fisheries in the Jenkins and Thorn Commissions.The related DG is the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Developmen Publications Office of the European Union. MainSearch. EU official directory. Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development Union > European Commission > Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development. Appointment. Each Commissioner is first nominated by their member state in consultation with the Commission President. The President's team is then subject to hearings at the European Parliament, which questions them and then votes on their suitability as a whole.If members of the team are found to be inappropriate, the President must then reshuffle the team or request a new candidate from the.

Brussels (Brussels Morning) The concept of regenerative agriculture is being assessed by the European Commission, which is looking to restore land degradation by protecting soil fertility, reducing erosion and increasing soil organic matter. To that end, the EU executive launched a public consultation on the new EU soil strategy, today, as part of the EU biodiversity strategy 2030 European Commission. Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development: Language(s): Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish: Abstract: Web pages of the European Commission dedicated to organic farming, one of the policy areas undertaken under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) The future Common Agricultural Policy is currently under trilogue negotiation *** On 14 th January 2021 the European Commission published a list of agricultural practices that the eco-schemes foreseen in the future CAP could support. Eco-schemes are a novelty instrument included in the future CAP conceived as a way to reward farmers taking extra steps in environmental care and climate action European Animal Welfare Platform - based in DG SANTE - would serve as a common forum for respectively the Commission, Member States, animal welfare organisations, agriculture organisations, veterinary associations, consumers etc. to discuss matters concerning animal welfare EUROPEAN COMMISSION Brussels, 11.12.2019 COM(2019) 640 final infrastructure, transport, food and agriculture, construction, taxation and social benefits. To achieve these aims, it is essential to increase the value given to protecting and restoring.

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The European Commission has issued a call for proposals for the theme 'Food, agriculture and fisheries, and biotechnology' of the Seventh Framework Programme. The call covers exclusively large collaborative projects and Networks of Excellence, which will be evaluated through a two-stage submission procedure Ireland first and only Member State to have fishing plan revoked by European Commission The loss of the control plan means that fisheries will no longer be allowed to weigh their catches in factories The Council adopts legislation, in most cases together with the European Parliament, in a number of areas relating to the production of food, rural development and the management of fisheries. Areas under agricultural policy include the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), rules on the internal market for agriculture, forestry, organic production. The common agricultural policy (CAP) has undergone five major reforms, the most recent of which were in 2003 (mid-term review), 2009 (the 'Health Check') and 2013 (for the 2014-2020 financial period). The first discussions on the post-2020 CAP began in 2016 and the corresponding legislative proposals were unveiled in June 2018

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  1. Yesterday, the European Commission presented an Action Plan for the development of organic production. Meet the winners of the Rural Inspiration Awards 2021! Last update: 25/03/202
  2. The European Commission (EC) is currently looking for specialists with professional experience in the field of sustainable agriculture and rural development. Recruited policy officers (grade AD 6) will mainly work at the EC's Directorate General Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI) in Brussels. Your main tasks will be to develop policies and.
  3. g and nature-based solutions, the EEA report 'Water and agriculture; towards sustainable solutions,' says. To achieve this, more ambitious measures to promote sustainable agriculture are needed in the upco
  4. ation of large European regions. The project focused on methods to integrate climate change adaptation into the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and rural development programmes.
  5. es the generic promotion programmes proposed by sectoral trade organisations and validated by the national authorities
  6. European Commission on Agriculture (ECA) serviced by the Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia European Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Advisory Commission (EIFAAC) serviced by the Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) serviced by the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department European Forestry Commission (EFC) serviced by the.
  7. Pesticides - also known as agricultural chemicals - are substances that are used to protect plants against pests. They include herbicides to kill weeds, fungicides to get rid of diseases and insecticides to kill bugs. Those chemicals are unfortunately not only getting rid of the unwanted but can also cause harm to our health and the environment
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LEADER/CLLD. LEADER [i] is a local development method which has been used for 30 years to engage local actors in the design and delivery of strategies, decision-making and resource allocation for the development of their rural areas. It is implemented by around 2 800 Local Action Groups (LAGs), covering 61 % of the rural population in the EU and. European Commission. Download Court of Justice of the European Union. Download European Central Bank. Download European Court of Auditors. Download European External Action Service. Download European Economic and Social Committee. Download European Committee of the Regions. Pan-European SOC stock of agricultural soils. The future EU policy in agriculture will utilized SOC as indicator, both as a main parameter of soil quality and as a strategy to offset CO2 emission by C sequestration. However a consistent picture of agricultural SOC stock is missing as well as tools to orient the future policymaker decisions Robert M'Barek - Agricultural Economics | European Commission. All official European Union website addresses are in the europa.eu domain. See all EU institutions and bodies

European Commission on Agriculture at least six months before the 30th ERC in Turkey in 2016, the timeframe for the next session of the ECA is up to November 2015, assuming that the next session of the ERC will be around April 2016. Important factors influencing the timing of the next ECA are Agriculture. Climate change has complex effects on the bio-physical processes that underpin agricultural systems, The European Commission has also committed itself to increasing financing of climate-related activities by ensuring that at least 20% of the European budget is climate-related expenditure Agriculture accounts for around 10% of EU emissions. A European Commission representative said it is committed to negotiating a farming policy that will support EU green goals, and its proposals.

The Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions on agricultural product quality policy identified the achievement of a greater overall coherence and consistency of agricultural product quality policy as a priority European Commission on Agriculture (ECA) 37/1 Meeting of the Executive Committee 15/12/2017 11.00 - 12.30 hours Draft Annotated Agenda 1. Briefing of the New Members of the Executive Committee on the tasks, Mandate and Modalities and the Function of the Executive Committee of the ECA (37-1-2 Rules of Procedure) (Reuben Sessa, Raimund Jehle

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  1. BBI is a public-private partnership between lobby groups representing the agribusiness, forestry, biotechnology, chemical, and fossil fuel industries on the one hand, and the European Commission's DG Research & Innovation, ostensibly to help build a sustainable low-carbon economy
  2. The objective was to transfer soil information from maps into digital format, with the maximum resolution possible and to preserve the information of paper maps that are vulnerable to deterioration.European Soil Database Maps: A collection of maps which represent all attributes that are present in the in the Soil Geographical Database of Eurasia at scale 1:1,000,000 (version 4 beta) and the PedoTransfer Rules Database (version 2.0)
  3. The European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC) contains currently many soil data and information; most of the offered data are at European scale, while, when possible, links to national or global datasets are provided. Datasets are organized in some broad categories.A first category contains the European Soil Database (ESDB), datasets that have been derived with the help of the ESDB and general.
  4. isters met to discuss fishing opportunities for stocks shared with the United Kingdom, The European Council. some

N2O emissions from agricultural soils in Europe. This dataset derives from the integration of the LUCAS soil survey with the bio-geochemistry process-based model DayCent. The model was ran for more than 11,000 LUCAS sampling points under agricultural use, assessing also the model uncertainty 15 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Sanlitun, Chaoyang District, Beijing, People's Republic of China. Post Code: 100600. 电话: + 86-10-84548000. 传真: + 86-10-65321720. delegation-china@eeas.europa.eu

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  1. At its March plenary session, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) adopted an opinion drawn up by the Consultative Commission on Industrial Change (CCMI) which proposes more precise and operational governance arrangements and instruments for the implementation of the new battery regulation, with involvement of all stakeholders, as this could contribute to developing a Union.
  2. EC, 2018, Report from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament on the implementation of Council Directive 91/676/EEC concerning the protection of waters against pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources based on Member State reports for the period 2012-2015, (COM(2018) 257 final, 4 May 2018), European Commission, Brussels
  3. imis aid in the agriculture sector THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, and in particular Article 108(4) thereof
  4. isterial level their commitment to implementing the trade deal effectively and officials have intensified contacts with a view to identify specific and measurable sustainability commitments
  5. Vi skulle vilja visa dig en beskrivning här men webbplatsen du tittar på tillåter inte detta
  6. isters the budget and the policy..
  7. The European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC) is the thematic centre for soil related data in Europe. Its ambition is to be the single reference point for and to host all relevant soil data and information at European level. It contains a number of resources that are organized and presented in various ways: datasets, services/applications, maps, documents, events, projects and external links

The European Commission authorised a genetically modified soybean for food and feed, but not cultivation, on Monday (28 September), paving the way for a full launch of the variety in the US and. The European Commission unveiled on Friday (1 June) its plans for the post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy, triggering a strong reaction from EU farmers and the environmental community for cutting. The European Commission has revealed the jury members for the LIFE Awards 2021. Find out more about this new addition to the LIFE programme. The future is bright. The future is LIFE. A preview of the new-look EU fund for environment and climate action (LIFE), which will run from now up until 2027

IUCN Europe is launching the report Approaches to sustainable agriculture, a referential document for the key approaches, concepts, and practices being considered by practitioners, researchers, and policy makers today. This report comes at a crucial time, to help with the implementation of the recently launched EU Green Deal, in particular the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies EUROPEAN AND GREEK ECONOMIC POLICIES GOVERNING AGRICULTURE regions: grazing areas, arable land and permanent crops (European Commission, 2017). Greece's small farmers are on a flat-rate simplified system of support (the Small Farmers Scheme), this scheme reduces the administrative burdens for small farmers, lessens the controls on cross-compliance and exempts them from greening rules Investors urge Europe to prioritise climate in agriculture reform. A $2 trillion group of investors on Monday (22 March) urged the European Commission to be more ambitious in its planned overhaul.

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Europe's IoT Policy. A set of supporting policy actions have been adopted by the European Commission to accelerate the take-up of IoT and to unleash its potential in Europe for the benefit of European citizens and businesses According to the 'Short-term Outlook for EU agricultural markets in 2021' report recently produced by the European Commission, the outlook for European agricultural markets in 2021 is favorable. Posts about European Commission written by dineshpanday. Lallemand Animal Nutrition has received European Commission authorisation for its lactic acid bacteria Pediococcus acidilactici MA 18/5M to be use in drinking water for weaned piglets, pigs for fattening, laying hens and chickens for fattening

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