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26.9650 - 27.40507 CEPT (Citizen band radio) UK & Europe 26.965 FM Nationwide Channel 1 26.975 FM Nationwide Channel 2 26.985 FM Nationwide Chan UK CB and CEPT (Citizen band radio) - Scan UK Frequencies Grou 2.5 There are two sets of frequency bands allocated to CB radio in the UK. These are listed below. Table1: CB radio channel and frequencies. UK. Channel Channels (MHz) CEPT/EUchannels (MHz) 1 27.60125 26.965 2 27.61125 26.975 3 27.62125 26.985 4 27.63125 27.005 5 27.64125 27.015 6 27.65125 27.025 7 27.66125 27.035 8 27.67125 27.05 Citizen Band Frequency Allocation: Channel. Number : EU/CEPT Band. Frequency (MHz) UK Band. Frequency (MHz) 1: 26.9650: 27.60125: 2: 26.9750: 27.61125: 3: 26.9850: 27.62125: 4: 27.0050: 27.63125: 5: 27.0150: 27.64125: 6: 27.0250: 27.65125: 7: 27.0350: 27.66125: 8: 27.0550: 27.67125: 9: 27.0650: 27.68125: 10: 27.0750: 27.69125: 11: 27.0850: 27.70125: 12: 27.1050: 27.71125: 13: 27.1150: 27.72125: 14: 27.1250: 27.73125: 15: 27.1350: 27.74125: 1 On 1 September 1987 the UK added the usual 40 frequencies (26.965-27.405 MHz) used worldwide, for a total of 80 channels at 27 MHz; antenna regulations were further relaxed, and the 934 MHz band was withdrawn in 1998 Electronics Communications Committee (ECC), part of CEPT, published a Decision, ECC/DEC/(11)03 (the Decision) on the harmonised use of frequencies for CB radio equipment. The Decision seeks to harmonise the technical standards and usage conditions relating to the use of frequencies for CB radio equipment in CEPT administrations

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  1. > So I've been looking at the frequencies for UK and EU (CEPT) > which can be combined into 80 channels. The PR27/97 stamp signifies the UK allocation of legal CB frequencies, mid block as the standard european/worldwide 40 channels and the UK27/81 40 channel UK band all on FM of course
  2. istrations (CEPT) adopted the North American channel assignments, except channel 23, frequency 27.235 MHz; channel 24, frequency 27.245 MHz; and channel 25, frequency 27.255 MHz
  3. The CB radio frequencies are distributed in a range of 27 MHz. At these frequencies, you there are different channels (only 40) with different purposes, that are open or closed. Signaling requires a specific area. The frequency is the range of waves in which the signal passes
  4. These New CB radio frequencies, introduced in 1996 is available throughout the United Kingdom for transmission and reception on F.M. Mode only CEPT/EU/Mid Band - 26.965 (CH1) to 27.405 (CH 40) Last edited by fatfinger on Thu Mar 06, 2008 7:41 pm, edited 1 time in total
  5. Frequency (MHz) Mode. Usage. 26.285. USB. International call frequency. 26.565. FM. Unofficial DX channel in Germany (this is the German CB channel 41

An additional frequency band was introduced on 1 September 1987 giving a further 40 channels in the CEPT Band, (26.965 MHz to 27.405 MHz) also some antenna restrictions were lifted, over the past few years all antenna restrictions have been removed and planning constraints now restrict antenna size rather than regulatory compliance Posts about CEPT FREQUENCIES written by simonthewizard. CB Radio, Amateur, PMR446, News, Reviews, Prototypes. The place the world comes to learn the radio new CB and ham users with modified equipment often use frequencies 27.575 and 27.585 illegally, as well as frequencies from 26.480 to 26.960, which belong to the U.S. military. The Civil Air Patrol, part of the U.S.A.F., is assigned 26.620 MHz, although now the CAP uses VHF frequencies more often Illegal Citizen Band Radio Frequencies Frequencies above 28,000 MHz in the CB radio frequency chart are considered illegal by FCC. The body imposed huge fines on anyone caught transmitting on those frequencies. The fine is mainly because all of those channels are for licensed Amateur radio operations

Frequency N° canal Frequency; 1: 27,60125 MHz: 21: 27,80125 MHz: 2: 27,61125 MHz: 22: 27,81125 MHz: 3: 27,62125 MHz: 23: 27,82125 MHz: 4: 27,63125 MHz: 24: 27,83125 MHz: 5: 27,64125 MHz: 25: 27,84125 MHz: 6: 27,65125 MHz: 26: 27,85125 MHz: 7: 27,66125 MHz: 27: 27,86125 MHz: 8: 27,67125 MHz: 28: 27,87125 MHz: 9: 27,68125 MHz: 29: 27,88125 MHz: 10: 27,69125 MHz: 30: 27,89125 MHz: 11: 27,70125 MHz: 31: 27,90125 MHz: 12: 27,71125 MHz: 3 The maximum operating frequency band shall be from 26.960 MHz to 27.410 MHz for the CEPT 4 http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/binaries/spectrum/spectrum-policy-area/spectrum-management/research-guidelines-tech-info/interface-requirements/uk2027.pd the CB/freeband/export market. In the 70's and 80's, a huge number of CB radios were made in Japan, with various PCB:s manufactured by Cybernet Electronics. In 1979, Cybernet became an affiliate to Kyocera Asia

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  1. 026.9650: 026.9650: NFM: CB CEPT Chan. 1: 026.9750: 026.9750: NFM: CB CEPT Chan. 2: 026.9850: 026.9850: NFM: CB CEPT Chan. 3: 027.0050: 027.0050: NFM: CB CEPT Chan. 4.
  2. It is expected they are kept open if you don't have anything meaningful to say CB Channels operate on frequencies between 25.165 to 28.755 Mhz which are then sorted into the 40 channels and their different bands for convenience
  3. frequency band 26.96027.410 MHz for CB radio equipment and also fostering further harmonisation. The Decision was - initiated by ETSI TR 102 626 and reviewed by CEPT
  4. UK/CEPT CB frequencies tech question based on Of364 (ofcom information statement 2006) (too old to reply) G Daeb 2011-07-17 11:35:04 UTC. Permalink. Been talking about CBs at breaktimes (no pun intended) with a guy at work this last couple of weeks. Having.
  5. Malasisa , New Zealand , Indonesia and Japan are other countries that, besides HF CB , have available in VHF and UHF frequencies CB . The European CB Federation through its Delegate in the UK, David Ogg uk@ecbf.eu is studying this issue and make the necessary consultations among CB members of the country , to send their proposals to Ofcom
  6. 27.185 NFM :19 CEPT CB 27.195 not CB 27.225 NFM :22 CEPT CB 27.235 NFM :24 CEPT CB 27.245 NFM :25 CEPT CB 27.255 NFM :23 CEPT CB 27.265 NFM :26 CEPT CB 27.405 NFM :40 CEPT CB 27.6 NFM UK CB (contiguous channels) 27.60125 NFM :1 CB 27.73125 NFM :14 CB 27.78125 NFM :19 CB 27.99125 NFM :40 CB Original US CB is AM. I thought EU and CEPT was the.

CB radios in Russia use the same frequencies as the USA and CEPT (European) countries. AM and FM are both permitted. The maximum transmit power is 5 watts. Our reporter from Russia says there is no restriction on the distance of communications; so, technically, use of skip (see Part 4) can be assumed to be legal Frequency Tables Document grouping. Search Telephone +45 33 89 63 00 Email Robin.Donoghue@eco.cept.org. Administration contacts ECO EFIS contacts Software version. 3.3Mon Mar 08 14:38:02 CET 2021. ECO cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information in the EFIS system. In the United States, the CB Band Radio Service, or Citizens' Band (CB), known as the Class D Citizens' Radio Service before 1976, is one of several personal radio services defined by the FCC's Part 95 rules. It is intended to be a two-way voice communication service for use in personal and business activities of the general public, and has a reliable communications range of several miles. ECO Frequency Information System. Frequency Range. Hz kHz MHz GHz. Application. <all application terms> - Aeronautical Broadcasting Defence systems Fixed Land mobile Maritime Meteorology Other PMSE Radio astronomy Radiolocation (civil) Satellite systems (civil) Short Range Devices TRA-ECS. <all level 2 application terms> Active medical implants.

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Når man ser på FCC/CEPT-kanallisten, er der nogle kanaler som hoppes over. Disse mellemkanaler er reserveret til andre anvendelser såsom radiofjernstyring, babyalarmer eller trådløst tastatur. Der er en uofficiel praksis med at navngive disse kanaler ved deres forrige CB-kanal efterfulgt af A. Kanal 11A bliver anvendt til Eurobaliser GENERAL: Type: Citizen band transceiver: Frequency range: 26.965-27.405 (CEPT) 27.60125-27.99125 MHz (UK CB 27/81) Channels/tuning steps: 40 (CEPT) + 40 (UK CB 27/81 CB CEPT Chan. 1: 026.9750: 026.9750: NFM: CB CEPT Chan. 2: 026.9850: 026.9850: NFM: CB CEPT Chan. 3: 027.0050: 027.0050: NFM: CB CEPT Chan. 4: 027.0150: 027.0150: NFM: CB CEPT Chan. 5: 027.0250: 027.0250: NFM: CB CEPT Chan. 6: 027.0350: 027.0350: NFM: CB CEPT Chan. 7: 027.0550: 027.0550: NFM: CB CEPT Chan. 8: 027.0650: 027.0650: NFM: CB CEPT Chan. 9: 027.0750: 027.0750: NFM: CB CEPT Chan. 10: 027.0850: 027.0850: NF CEPT CB Radio CH12 UK Radio Scanner Frequencies . Download print or program UK frequencies into your radio scanner or software, scanner export for Uniden SDS100E, SDS200E, UBC3600XLT, UBC125XLT, BCD436HP, BCD536HP, Whistler TRX-1, TRX-2, AOR DV1, AOR DV10, Chirp, SDRSharp and SDRUno formats Category Archives: CEPT FREQUENCIES **New** Midland M-30 €199 February 23, 2018 11M 27MHZ AM AM CB AM CB RADIO cb funk cb radio cb radio belarus cb radio europe cb radio germany cb radio in europe cb radio poland cb radio romania cb radios cibi citizen band citizen band radio citizens band radio export mode FM made in china midland m-30 multi-EU norms new cb radios qixiang simonthewizard www.

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The UK has 2 bands for CB as follows: Frequencies (MHz) and modulation description: 26.965 - 27.405 FM 40 channels, same frequencies as CEPT & USA. 4W max power. Radios using this band are marked PR 27 GB or CEPT PR 27 GB and are CEPT-approved. 27.6 - 27.99 FM 40 channels, 0.01 MHz (10 kHz) spacing, and 4W max power Channels 13 and 14 are very near 27.12 MHz, a commonly used frequency for high-power industrial devices, as indicated by the dark green. However, these industrial uses have a wide tolerance that includes all the CB channels below channel 28

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Visit Radioreference UK to view the interactive map of UK transmitter locations for WTR CEPT CB Radio CH12. The map shows the location of transmitter sites along with frequency and mode using data from the WTR, our own databases and listener submissions 446.0-446.1 MHz was the frequency band designated for analogue PMR446 by CEPT/ERC Decision (98)25 of 23rdNovember 1998. Digital: On 28thOctober 2005 by CEPT/EEC Decision (05), the frequency band 446.1-446.2 MHz was designated for use by the new generation of digital PMR446 equipment in development by manufacturers SPECIFICATIONS. GENERAL. Type: Citizen band transceiver. Frequency range: 26.965-27.405 (CEPT) 27.60125-27.99125 MHz (UK CB 27/81) Channels/tuning steps: 40 (CEPT) + 40 (UK CB 27/81

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Nonetheless, frequencies above 6425 MHz are not under consideration by ECC. In December 2017, CEPT received the Mandate from the European Commission (EC) to study and identify harmonised technical conditions for WAS/RLANs in the 5925-6425 MHz band for the provision of wireless broadband services Single Frequency Fixed -inks Comments Paired with 1375 - 1400 MHz. CEPT T/R 13-01 Annex B refers. Paired with 1350 - 1375 MHz. CEPT T/R 13-01 Annex A refers. CEPT T/R 13-01 refers ' South African Table of Frequency Allocation CB Radio Frequencies : Since the early American rigs began finding there way to these shores, the demand for Citizen Band radio was met by a number of change..

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  1. The mandate invites CEPT to study the frequency bands 874.4-880 MHz, 919.4-925 MHz, 1900-1920 MHz. In addition, further spectrum bands, for example the band 2 290-2 400 MHz on a tuning range basis, can also be considered. Notably, the mandate also suggests that the use of commercial mobile networks may also be studied
  2. CEPT resolved this by reserving alpha channels, i think there are 4 or 5 of them, which are spaced in between regular CB radio channels (need to look at frequency table). this is where the.
  3. Under the Communications Regulation Act (2002) ComReg is obliged to publish a Radio Frequency Plan (Plan). The Radio Frequency Plan is comprised of a set of tables indicating the services to which each frequency band is allocated (frequency allocations) in the radio spectrum and is an essential tool for users of radio frequencies

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  1. The frequency and maximum radiated power of radio transmissions for the setting and unsetting of the alarm system must comply with the CEPT/ERC (see footnote 2 pertinent to paragraph 5.3) Recommendation 70-03 (17 February 2000) relating to the use of short range devices (see footnote 3 to paragraph 5.3)
  2. The official publication of the CEPT Electronic circulation and use of earth stations on-board aircraft operating with GSO FSS networks and NGSO FSS systems in the frequency bands 12.75-13.25 GHz (Earth-to-space) and 03 - The harmonised use of frequencies for Citizens' Band (CB) radio equipment. Approved 24 June 2011.
  3. IARU continued engagement in the WRC-23 preparations in the CEPT RTO during March 2021 at the second meeting of the Conference Preparatory Group Project Team A (CPG PTA).This project team develops the CEPT WRC Briefs for several WRC scientific and regulatory agenda items which are of particular interest to the amateur community. Specific attention is being paid to WRC-23 agenda items 1.12, 1.
  4. 27.99125 FM UK Nationwide CB Channel 40 There are another 40 CEPT (Europe) frequencies that are used in the UK and also other Licence free frequencies that can be used for chit chat in the UK like PMR446 and lower power devices
  5. ALAN 100E CEPT 40CHMOBILE CB TRANSCEIVER Compact stylish 40 CEPT channel CB transceiver. Digital display with up/down channel selection. Channel 9/19 switch. Power 13.8V DC. Technical Specifications: No. of Channels 40CH FM CEPT Frequency 26.965-27.405 MHz Power Output 4 Watts Power Supply 13.8V DC Sensitivity 1.0uV for 10dB (S+N)/N Size 4 3/4? (w) x 1 1/4? (h) x 6 1/2? (d
  6. A page showing the frequencies of the most common bands included on radios,a ,b ,c ,d ,e ,f ,g ,h ,i ,j ,k ,low,mid,FCC,CEPT,high, UK 27/81 and NZ channels
  7. Citizens' Band radio (CB) is, in many countries, a system of short-distance, simplex radio communications between individuals on a selection of 40 channels within the 27 MHz (11 meter) band. The CB radio service should not be confused with FRS, GMRS, MURS, or amateur (ham) radio.Similar personal radio services exist in other countries, with varying requirements for licensing and differing.

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  1. CB Radio, amateur radio, mobile/base antennas, scanners, plugs on the CEPT mid band channels you can use AM 4 watts and SSB at 12 watts. Can I talk to people Amateur radio is a popular technical hobby and volunteer public service that uses designated radio frequencies for non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless.
  2. Before CB was authorized in Australia, there were hand held 27 MHz walkie-talkies that utilized several frequencies in between the present CB channels, such as 27.240 MHz. By the mid-1970s, hobbyists were experimenting with these handheld radios, as well as with unauthorized American CB radios
  3. These radios may have 6 or even 12 bands, establishing a set of quasi-CB channels on many unauthorized frequencies. The bands are typically lettered A through F, with the normal CB band as D. For example, a freebander with an export radio who wants to use 27.635 MHz would choose channel 19 (27.185 MHz) and then shift the radio up one band (+ 0.450 MHz)
  4. The CB band once consisted of 23 channels with a couple of channels left unused below channel 23. When the band was expanded to 40 channels, the two skipped channels were included as channel 24 and 25 which is why they are lower in frequency than channel 23
  5. View and Download CRT XENON owner's manual online. Mobile CB Transceiver 40 CX AM-FM CITIZEN BAND EUROPEAN MULTI-NORMS. XENON transceiver pdf manual download

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OFCOM Channel Plans for 4GHz and Lower 6GHz (L6) Here is a chart showing channel plans for the UK The 4GHz Band (3600MHz to 4200MHz) is defined as follows: Standards: CEPT/ERC/REC 12-08 E Frequency Range: 3600 - 4200 MHz Total Width of Band: 600MHz Channel Plan FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) Channel Widths & Spacing 15, Continue reading OFCOM Channel Plans 4GHz and Lower 6GH 2-Way Radio vs CB Radio - The Breakdown. We are going to try and keep things simple here. This is because, technically, a CB radio is a two-way radio. But anything that you can both send and receive radio signals on can technically be regarded as a 2-way radio. However, a CB radio is a very particular type of radio Met de term 27 MC ofwel 27 megacycles per second wordt de CB-frequentieband bedoeld. De term is de verouderde Engelse benaming voor 27 megahertz, de algemene frequentie. De golflengte is 11 meter. Vandaar dat de CB-band ook wel 11 meter-band genoemd wordt

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For example, On the American, (and other,) channels, all frequencies ended in 5. So for example channel 20 would be 27.205 MHz. In the UK, the same channel would be 27.79125 MHz. Different to all other countries! Later the UK also accepted the CEPT channels which were exactly the same as the American channels, but using FM mode instead of AM La CB est réservée au trafic en radiotéléphonie. Le morse, les données et la télévision y sont interdits. Dans la norme CEPT et dans la norme de l'ARCEP 12 les canaux sont harmonisés. (Les canaux 23, 24, 25 en France utilisent la norme FCC, comme aux États-Unis) FCC ID application submitted by Cobra Electronics Corporation for CB Radio for FCC ID BBO19DXIV. Approved Frequencies, User Manuals, Photos, and Wireless Reports

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Midland 42 DS | CB 27 MHz AM/FM Handheld Transceiver. The Midland 42 DS is an extremely compact CB hand held with over 400 channels allowing you to use it all throughout Europe and now features Digital Squelch (Auto Squelch) Der CB-Funk ist dem Frequenzband um 27 MHz (11-Meter-Band) zugewiesen. Der dem CB-Funk zugeteilte Frequenzbereich liegt somit am oberen Ende der Kurzwelle und reicht in Deutschland von 26,565 MHz bis 27,405 MHz (80 Kanäle), europaweit von 26,965 MHz bis 27,405 MHz (40 Kanäle). CEPT-konforme CB-Kanäl 1.8 At its peak, there were 300,000 CB licences in the UK. However, use of the CB radio. frequencies has declined, and the number of CB licences on issue has fallen to under. 24,000. Currently there are 80 CB channels available: 40 UK-only channels and 40. pan-European channels. The present level of CB use, which is steadily declining, doe For the terms and conditions and operating frequencies for this GURL, see the Gazette notice (external link). Licence. You can view this GURL in the Register of Radio Frequencies (RRF) under Licence number 228151 (external link). The licence is for use in the CB (26 MHz and 27 MHz) and the PRS (477 MHz) bands

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For serious DX Hunters on 11m, 27 and 26 MHz are a hive of first class DX action with many nations around the world (e.g. the Pacific Ocean's underdeveloped islands) maintaining the citizens band as the major form of radio communication.. Please find below a list of 11m call and chat frequencies used in many DXCC around the world, compiled by members of the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) Title: CEPT-CB-Kanalaufteilung.cdr Author: reinhard Created Date: 2/16/2019 3:57:03 P


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CEPT/ECC/DEC(11)03 ECC Decision of 24 June 2011 on the harmonised use of frequencies for Citizens' Band (CB) radio equipment. CEPT/ECC/DEC(11)02 ECC Decision of 11 March 2011 on industrial Level Probing Radars (LPR) operating in frequency bands 6 - 8.5 GHz, 24.05 - 26.5 GHz, 57 - 64 GHz and 75 - 85 GHz Nonetheless, frequencies above 6425 MHz are not under consideration by ECC. In December 2017, CEPT received the Mandate from the European Commission (EC) to study and identify harmonised technical conditions for WAS/RLANs in the 5925-6425 MHz band for the provision of wireless broadband services Russian Federation joins CEPT Radio Amateur License It should be easier to use Amateur Radio while visiting the Russian Federation following their decision to join the CEPT Radio Amateur License agreement. At a recent meeting the Russian State Commission for Radio Frequencies decided that the Russian Federation will join CEPT Recommendation T/R 61-01 (CEPT Radio Amateur License) and ECC/REC.

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Includes: CB, mounting bracket. standard microphone, microphone clip, power lead, manual Band Plan Chart: EU - 40CH AM 1W / FM 4W / 4W SSB European Union (France for example) E - 40CH AM 4W / FM 4W / 12W SSB Spanish Band D - 40CH AM 1W / FM 4W 80CH / 4W German frequencies EC - 40CH FM 4W European Community Ban Freeband CB Radio is the use of frequencies or channels in the 11 meter frequency spectrum that are not designated to the CB Radio Service. These uses include private channels, club call channels, and even for attempting long distance contacts (DX) Subject: FREQUENCY CHART GUIDE Sat Dec 07, 2019 9:08 pm Hi all, Just thought id post this to give new members and people new to Radio a little guide to the frequencies For caravanning devotees and long-distance travellers, an ultra-high frequency citizen band (UHF CB) radio is an essential device. This is especially true if you go beyond the wilderness and bushland, and get all the way to the remote Australian outback where cell phone reception is weak to totally non-existent A CB a rövidhullámú tartomány vége felé, 27 megahertzes sávban működik, CEPT ajánlás szerint a 26 960 és 27 410 kHz közötti tartományban. Ez a frekvenciasáv 450 kHz, amit 45 darab 10 kHz-es csatornára osztanak fel. Másképp fogalmazva a csatornatávolság 10 kHz


This video was uploaded from an Android phone President Lincoln 2 - Frequency Adjustment (FOR INFORMATION ONLY)WARNING: THE ENGINEERING MENU CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR RADIO - DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!.. The 27 MHz CB27/81 Bandplan is a list of the channel frequencies for FM CB radio in the United Kingdom.. Unlike CB usage in the United States, and subsequently elsewhere in the world, the original UK 40 channels progress in order with 10 kHz spacing.These channels apply to UK-only radios meeting MPT-1320 (marked CB 27/81) and MPT-1382 (marked PR 27/97, these may also feature the additional 40.

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en The frequency and maximum radiated power of radio transmissions for the setting and unsetting of the alarm system must comply with the CEPT /ERC (see footnote 2 pertinent to paragraph 5.3) Recommendation 70-03 (17 February 2000) relating to the use of short range devices (see footnote 3 to paragraph 5.3) The Draft CEPT Novice Amateur Radio License doc can be seen at: CB once required a license, but no more. Marine radio once required a license, but no more. FRS, never required a license to begin with. Notice the trend? W9WHE W9WHE, Jun 29, 2005 #2 CEPT Workshop on Spectrum for Drones / UAS Copenhagen 29 - 30 May 2018 Summary, Outcome, APs for ongoing activities Presented by Thomas Weber (ECO) at the ITU Regional Seminar for CIS & Europe frequencies and existing solution in AM(R)S, such as in 5030 -5091 MHz

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CB World Home Huge Selection of Communication Equipment. CB Radio Frequency Chart Range & Freebanding. Frequency List for SHTF Survivalist Radio Communications and Preppers Information about common frequencies and channels for tactical, emergency, and survival for HAM, CB, MURS, GMRS, PMR, Marine, and other radios UK England 40 CH FM 4 Watt British frequencies + EC 40 CH FM 4Watt CEPT frequencies Export versions; RU Russia 400 CH AM/FM 4 Watt; PL Poland 40 CH AM/FM 4 Watt Polish frequencies; PX Poland 400 CH AM/FM 4 Watt Polish frequencies; SW Sweden 24 CH FM 4 Watt 31 MHz. CB CB SHOP CB RADIO ONLINE CB ANTENNE MIDLAND CB RADIO CB RADIO CHAT CB RADIOS CB. Citizen´s Band (CB) radio telephones can be used temporarily without a license if the right of use has been approved by a competent foreign authority. This applies to the following CB´s operating with 40 channels in the frequency range 26.965-27.405 MHz.: PR 27, FM: 4W, standard EN 300 135 AM: carrier power 1W, standard EN 300 43 wide harmonisation of the radio frequency spectrum, and the efficient use of satellite orbits and, therefore, provides for decisions regarding the allocation/designation of frequencies for radio communications services and applications within the CEPT countries, as well as for related requirements relevan

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